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  2. Forum Rules & Rules of Conduct
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  7. Attention Newbies: The help you need is here
  8. Applying Vanishing Point patch
  9. Dance Dance Revolution Club Mix problem....
  10. Which DC works with Backups? I know..
  11. Playing multidisc import games [D2]
  12. DJ problem
  13. Changing Music In MvC2
  14. Headhunter Question
  15. Makken X help
  16. is Rez out for the dreamcast yet? it hasnt been ripped according to isonews
  17. internet Browser disc
  18. help - Gameshark?
  19. Vanishing Poing Problem
  20. making my old dc games to work on my vga adapte
  21. Worms World Party
  22. backing up backups
  23. SOUL REAVER "BAD-SOULRV" <-- what version?
  24. can you copy backups with a CD duplicator?.
  25. divx on DC?
  26. wanna buy a DC, but...
  27. HeadHunter we have a problem.....
  28. thps 3
  29. Garou mark of the wolves
  30. Game Ratings + DC Question
  31. What kind of burner do you guys use?
  32. DJ Not Recognising .cdi on XP Pro
  33. ?ThE bEsT fOoTbAlL gAmE On ThE dC?
  34. Mugen
  35. Headhunter
  36. dreamcast on pc monitor
  37. DC's that dont play backups
  38. Burning games with CDRecord
  39. use a gd-rom drive!!!
  40. Shenmue 2 question
  41. someone please help me.....!
  42. NFL2k2 NTSC flickers on PAL DC !!??
  43. Games not working.....
  44. playing like snes games or originals sega games on dc
  45. THPS2 problems
  46. Saved Game Transfer
  47. Sega CD on the dreamcast
  48. anyone got silver to work?
  49. Where can I download A DC boot disc?
  50. Gyplay help! (problem with playing files)
  51. Where can i still buy Dreamcast Accessories?????
  52. DC VCD player
  53. Hey! Codebreaker doesn't work with backups...
  54. what is the setting for clone cd?
  55. Whats The Best Vcd Player To Use On Your Dreamcats Vcds
  56. 2 questions (spiderman/boot disk)
  57. anyone got the gameshark code for...
  58. Anyone have any guides on managing VMU files via EMail?
  59. VGA Compatible Bootdisk
  60. Do I need a chip to play back-ups
  61. Planetweb 3.0
  62. Help-anyone-plase-help-me
  63. Trance Vibrator ?!?!?
  64. DC boot disk
  65. world series 2k2 will not read all files?
  66. Game not burning (cdrwin)
  67. NRG to CDI
  68. Anybody use Lightgun with vga box
  69. Shenmue 2 wont burn please help
  70. Quick question on Soul Reaver
  71. Bin2Boot_Gui Question
  72. Someone GERMAN please translate this guide! :)
  73. can anybody tell me where i can go to download/burn dc games so i can copy them?
  74. Soul Calibur wont burn!!
  75. Gut's Rage Burn Problem
  76. discjuggler problem: unable to initialize ASPI manager
  77. DC Emulators & Roms ?????
  78. Bleemcast MGS: Got Mine - Want to Back Up
  79. echelon self-booting 300sector/4sec. audio track, to 2XA data boot
  80. Import-related question from a newbie
  81. Can I use any IP.BIN? Please Help
  82. Could you use any ip.bin for nester dc??
  83. Is Planet Harriers coming to DC??????
  84. need some help with katana games wich wont boot correctly like f355
  85. Help!!! Urgent!!! Very Important!!! Please Look In!!!
  86. how do i play vcd's on my dreamcast?
  87. No search function???
  88. Can Someone Help Me PLZ!?!
  89. Phantasy Star Online v.2 -- need serial # and access key???
  90. I Know This Has Nothing To Do With Dreamcast Backups But......
  91. does anyone know any fast ratio ftp's
  92. Rez locks up at final stage! *spoilers*
  93. to all who have headhunter both backup and original.
  94. Help me out plz
  95. Does Anyone Have Any Information.........
  96. Making backup image w/o DJ
  97. Dreamcast Motherboard Help>>
  98. Serious Problem!?! Has never happend, please read..
  99. selfboot site link
  100. advice wtd
  101. trouble burning selfboot backups of backups
  102. Shenmue 2 question
  103. Another bleem like emulator.....?
  104. Can Someone Tell Me This Procces
  105. Any way to burn a SNES game?
  106. How do I play VCDs on dreamcast and where can I get the software to do it?
  107. Data read error
  108. Major Thing that Needs to be Resolved
  109. DC Gameshark Cd wanted
  110. Large Files
  111. Can We?
  112. Where Can I Dl Dc Games So I Can Burn?
  113. Dreamcast steering wheel
  114. Burning Vorlem
  115. DJ 3 error message "invalid block address"
  116. Dummying
  117. Vorlem for vmu backup problem
  118. where can i find...
  119. need boot disk help
  120. Nero or DiscJuggler since multisession?!?
  121. Changing the Music in Guilty Gear X
  122. Samba De Amigo
  123. DJ, Nero or CloneCD?
  124. bomberman online: do the videos skip?
  125. problem burning guilty gear x with nero
  126. dreamcast isos
  127. Planet Web Browser Help Needed Please
  128. Questions on Burning a Game
  129. problem burning headhunter disc 2 (pulsar)
  130. please read in! dc-vga cable
  131. Dreamcast VCD Help?
  132. Shenmue 2
  133. VMU Question
  134. is it possible to...
  135. Need Your Opinion!
  136. DC doesnt recognize open door???
  137. Small Game
  138. Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Problems
  139. how r the dance dance games?
  140. Mega Drive Emu For Dreamcast Question
  141. what version of soul calibur should I download?
  142. Disc Juggler problem
  143. help with burning dc games
  144. Tokyo Extreme Racer 2 Question
  145. Resident evil please help
  146. down???
  147. I need directions on how to just burn a DC game using discjuggler.
  148. Headhunter&CDRwin
  149. I need to know what program i need and how to use it to extract the DC games.
  150. Anime/movies Vcd's Trade For Dc Backups
  151. head hunter - Metal Gear Solid??
  152. VGA box heads up
  153. Free ISPs?
  154. nester dc emu???
  155. Can someone Make a custome IP.Bin for me?
  156. Dc - How Much??
  157. Newsgroup downloads
  158. newgroups?
  159. What kind of CDR media do you guys use?
  160. Seeking Outtrigger iso !
  161. burning dc backups...
  162. What are the best multiplayer games
  163. Thanks all...
  164. Alone in the Dark 4 disc question
  165. has nhl2k2 been released yet...?
  166. Smeg DC emulator?????
  167. Help with RAR password
  168. Error burnign NBA2k2
  169. why certain dreamcast backups i burn cant play?
  170. Anyone know how to selfboot nesterdc with roms??
  171. how do I add a dummy to dynamite cop selfboot?
  172. dreamcast vcd to vhs
  173. My DC wont play US Games no more
  174. Will a Broadband adapter work with a linksys router?
  175. Ready2rumble: Round 2- HELP!!!
  176. I really need some help with dummying REZ.
  177. Ip.bin
  178. Head Hunter
  179. help! i need this question to be answered quickly.. please!
  180. Please help me get Mortal Kombat Gold to work!!!!
  181. Code Breaker help (NOT about using backups with it)
  182. selfboot to non-selfboot, how?
  183. why cant i post with dreamcast anymore
  184. DC shopping list
  185. how to apply the headhunter patch (pls)
  186. DC Tokyo Extreme Racer 2 Patch??
  187. Am I using bad CDs or something?
  188. confidential mission and other light gun games
  189. headhunter cd2 sizes???
  190. Help looping music
  191. help!
  192. I am not able to sort file with mkisofs can someone help me ????
  193. Selfboot and Overburn Question
  194. Need Discjuggler help (its gone crazy)
  195. COPY PSX PS2 + DC Games ?
  196. Online games w/ the Dreamcast???
  197. Bleemcast!
  198. NHL 2k2?
  199. old but need help ... changing music sorry
  200. Why do I hear the same song over on Dave Mirra
  201. Help with VCD discs
  202. i need major help on this
  203. Making Ecco selfboot
  204. new release!!!
  205. logo inserter... anyone have simplified directions?
  206. dave mirra not booting correctly
  207. A topic of many consideration!
  208. Burn settings
  209. Is there a way to use codebreaker with backups?
  210. nhl 2k2
  211. burning question
  212. Shenmue 2 disk 3
  213. Whats the newest a DC can be to play backups
  214. Converting a few certain games to SB!
  215. Ip.bin......
  216. Help-Copy a Copy .NRG disk
  217. Pal Multi Repack Head Hunter Pulsar
  218. DEEP FIGHTER RAR password?!????
  219. dream cast newbie
  220. Is it possible to make ISOs out of original DC Games?
  221. Ripping an IP.bin from a cd??
  222. About Emulation On The Dreamcast
  223. games
  224. About Burning ROM's To Play On My Sega Dreamcast Please Help!
  225. Anybody got a hacked ip.bin of....
  226. Pal DC Internet
  227. sheumue 2
  228. Gyplay .Avi files
  229. Need Help Burning Backup to Backup!
  230. dc vcd boot cd
  231. atari 2600 dc emulator
  232. Online games wont connect
  233. A real VCD player disc!
  234. Help!
  235. how many disc is *Skies of Arcadia*??
  236. About PS emulators
  237. VMU programming
  238. Playing DC backups on AOL?
  239. Gameshark
  240. Anyone finished Headhunter?
  241. Do you have a bad jump-pack that rumbles too much?
  242. Phantasy Star Online: is it free?
  243. Can DC games be copied??
  244. Fats Cash
  245. Dreamcast BBA
  246. anyone got a good DC label site?
  247. Need help on making Gundam Side Story 0079 self boot
  248. Warning.da
  249. Everybody that likes RE:CV read inside...
  250. Problem With The Old Trickstyle!!!