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  1. Messiah vs Magic Chip 2-New No-Swap
  2. Neo 4.1 wont boot gameshark???
  3. read if you have a NEO4.5
  4. :: New PS2s have problem w/ chip install?? ::
  5. neo4.5 no gap help please
  6. Where can i get install instru for a neo 4 plus no gap
  7. Modchips
  8. Has anyone ever bought mod-chips here.....
  9. Can someone install my messiah......
  10. I have a problem ( neo 4 plus (4.5) ) please look in if you have installed !
  11. Messiah Color Issue
  12. neo 2.2 info please
  13. r-mod installation (help)
  14. v7 modchips
  15. Messiah Install - PSX originals and backups not working
  16. Neo 2.2 Problem
  17. ps2 modchip needed
  18. what is difference between "magic chip2 and messiah for VERSION 5 USA system?
  19. Magic Chip 2 + V4 1C
  20. ps2 V1
  21. neo 2.2 dramas
  22. Help Please: PS2 Power, but no video???
  23. messiah quick fit question
  24. need help please !!
  25. i have a question about v6 ps2's
  26. can someone tell me where can I find installation guides to...
  27. Quick Question Then I Will Delete This Thread
  28. how do u tell if ur ps2 is a version 4
  29. Blue messiah question
  30. V1 PS2? which mod chip should i install
  31. I just installed a Magic 2 chip and it keeps freezing
  32. A downside to no solder V4 modchip?
  33. Methods to boot backups with no modchip?
  34. What modchips should work with v1 ps2?
  35. Q on MagicChipV2
  36. Laser eye question
  37. PS2 modchip problem. Please help!!
  38. does NO SOLDER MOD v5 / v6 work with the 30003?
  39. Question on magic 2 chip installed in my ps2
  40. Does dvd region free play backups?
  41. Which is Best Chip around at moment to do V5? Is the ACE chip out yet?
  42. Where can I buy acekey in Uk??
  43. how to install a Blue chip
  44. NTSC V5 adjustment. Anyone knows?
  45. What is Neo for PS2?
  46. need help please, disc not spinning
  47. Magic II Install (New Problem)
  48. neo 4.1 question
  49. Anyone got the new Premodded Set from Lik Sang?
  50. no solder mod chip
  51. Messiah Question on Non-Gap
  52. PS2 Mod Installer Northern Ireland
  53. same chip???
  54. Please Help! I am Playing BAck-ups √Ěn B&W!!!
  55. Ace Key
  56. No Swap Apple Chip for USA 30001R??
  57. anywhere in uk sell ps2 parts
  58. Question about the neo 2.6 Auto
  59. PS2 Magic Chip 2 (no swap for V5 3000x-R) info
  60. Does Magic Chip2 support V1-10000 JAP?
  61. Mount the NH-modchip on a scph 30000 (photo)+advertisement
  62. Qusetion about Messiah Chip
  63. Do u need neo key for plug in ps2 chips?
  64. Messiah Chip Not playing backedup DVD films
  65. Precision Soldering Irons
  66. ned help with my modded ps2
  67. v4 no solder mod problems!!!!
  68. just wondering
  70. ne1 to share online
  71. Just a couple quick questions and be out of your way.
  72. anyone have this problem
  73. to all who have mod chips
  74. Installation question
  75. Does messiah work on all ps2 versions in europe
  76. autokey
  77. Neo2.2 & v7
  78. Where to buy modchip wires?
  79. magic2 comatible with V1-10k JAP?
  80. gap bios/ cutting tracks
  81. Newer dongle with 1.9
  82. SCPH-39001 U4xxxxxx
  83. Ne1 done Magic 2 in a V1 NTSC?
  84. NTSC/V5 Laser Adjustment Help!!!
  85. in need of v4,v5,v6 no solder mods
  86. Need V4 ps2 modded! Help!
  87. DVDROM problems for Version 3 PS2
  88. single swap for dvdrs on neo2.x possible?
  89. magic 2 problem
  90. Question About installing
  91. Which no-swap mod can boot DVD9 games?
  92. USB and Version 7
  93. PS2 Loading problems - Messiah
  94. neo 2.2 not working with new games?
  95. neo 2.2 not working with new games?
  96. MGS2 gameshark
  97. Which Ver. I Have?
  98. Has the no-swap modchip for Version 7 39001 been released yet?
  99. What does BIOS w/GAP only mean
  100. What Mod Chip Works On Every Last Ps2 Model Known To Man
  101. I need a no swap chip for my ps2 v4
  102. The No-solder V5/6 second edition - where????
  103. When is the NEW Messiah chip expected?
  104. Magic 2 questions?
  105. A few questions about my ps2 and the messiah??
  106. Gameshark and Neo 4.5
  107. need Messiah Installed (have chip, need installer)In melbourne
  108. Help with my PS2 & Magic 2
  109. i need a modchip installer NOW!
  110. Probs after installing Messiah
  111. Messiah and Japanese PSX games
  112. Clip for messaiah
  113. PS2 DVDR booting method (Starchip)
  114. AutoKey Question
  115. Need help bad with a magic 2
  116. ps2 chip help
  117. Need a chip for my V5 quick! WHich one is best at moment? Ace chip availible?
  118. Does the Ace Key need the wire soldered to boot PS1 games direct?
  119. Topic: Magic2 for PS2 30001 (GH-005, ver.2 ?) pics
  120. Version 4 PS2
  121. york, PA modchip installe needed
  122. Multiple Mod chips
  123. What all can modded PS2 do?
  124. Is the Hercules modchip anygood. I need people to tell me if it is reliable or not
  125. Simple question about S-Box
  126. toronto modchip store, whats the name of it
  127. anyone tried the lusifer mod?
  128. Modchips and Canada
  129. sbox ps2 mod chip help!!!!!
  130. Booting methods for Magic 2 HELP ASAP
  131. Messiah & DVD problem on V3
  132. has anyone purchase a PlayStation2 no-swap premodded set?
  133. Are there any chipper in WA state, Seattle area?
  134. What's the best SWAP Mod-Chip for V5?
  135. what's needed to install Magic2 on PS2 V1?
  136. Does Magic2 have the PSX video problem?
  137. how do you open up PS2 for Magic2 installation?
  138. Magic 2 PSX problem....
  139. Jap SCPH-10000 console?
  140. General AutoKey 3 Information
  141. Ps2 Ace Key?
  142. flashing a neo 2.2 chip
  143. best modchip for booting dvdr with ps2 v1?
  144. looking for an installer in the chicago area
  145. Dvd r wont boot up help
  146. Need Magic2 installed, for v1. Anybody near Omaha, NE
  147. Looking to buy a new PS2, need chip assistance.
  148. Messiah Question
  149. Awwwwww man, i pulled the silver ribbon cable, where does it go? I cant find where???
  150. Resistor Value
  151. ps2 no mods - another site
  152. messaih
  153. Adjust Lazer yes or no?
  154. Need installer in eastern VA, anyone?
  155. new problem with Magic 2....
  156. Need link to good installation guide for magic 2 for ver 1 ps2
  157. Which one is better NEED HELP!!!
  158. Magic 2 v1-v3 USA install
  159. Requests get you suspended!
  160. For People Who Wants To Buy Cheap Ps2 Messiah Chips!
  161. ps2 NH-mod - need some info on this chip
  162. PNP Box Ps2 modchip help
  163. ANY member requesting a Modchip install here will be suspended!!!
  164. evolutionmods?
  165. no solder chip problems
  166. Messiah installation, a couple of questions on equipment
  167. NEO4+Component video= AAARRRGh!!
  168. I messed up my PS2 7pin Ribbon Cable (Eject/Reset Button to Mainboard). HELP!!
  169. Help auto key 3 and dvd-r
  170. Anybody know anything about the modchip clips?
  171. wondering what is best ps2 chip
  172. No-Solder Mod not working? Help
  173. novachip v2
  174. Please help me!
  175. looking for magic chip 2 installer in NY..
  176. chill out
  177. please help me out
  178. What is BEST PS2 chip for Version 1?
  179. Can i install Messiah PAL chip on my PS2?
  180. Messiah'd ps2 wont play original DVD's
  181. DVD Problem
  182. I Neeed No Swap Solution
  183. long time no see, I need some opinions guys
  184. V4 or v5 no solder R-Mod chip
  185. PS2 Modchips! Which one should i get?
  186. Matrix dns
  187. No Swap for all versions
  188. Magic 3 out?
  189. Network Adaptered screwed with my Messiah
  190. neo 2.2 help plz
  191. Magic 2 Install
  192. Anyone know where I can get a version 1 cdrom or laser.
  193. UK: PAL Version 7 out yet??
  194. Neo 4 Question
  195. Question for moddogs
  196. I asked for a modchip install, now I'm suspended!!!
  197. Messiah Installer in Bedford / Cambridge or Colchester Area
  198. it's time to install Messiah
  199. Is The Socket You Buy To Snap In The Magic 2 Chip Worth It?
  200. V3?
  201. HELP!! Solder just wont stick onto some points on my PS2 Magic 2 install. HELP
  202. Is there a US v2 nonswap modchip?
  203. Soldering, it is easy or dangerous
  204. magic 2 clone
  205. New PSone board
  206. Rmod install help!! Pre and post symptoms described
  207. I want to chip my ps2. i have a japanese scph 37000 ocean blue, what is the best chip
  208. Status of the Messiah Clip?
  209. PS2 modchip
  210. x0-2 modchips
  211. messiah and ar2
  212. I need help on a solder point for magic chipon my V7 PS2
  213. Whats the Ultra2 all about?
  214. Tray wont return properly.
  215. neo 4 install
  216. help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  217. Need v2 diagrams for Magic 2 install
  218. V4 ps2 question
  219. "non swap"
  220. V4 Non Solder Modchip INFO
  221. Looking for v4 mod chip No solder Please Post offers
  222. Will someone give me 12 bucks for a v5 and v6 no solder?
  223. Need boot instructions on 2.2dvd/cd
  224. What can be problems: Messiah modded ps2 wont load DVDRs
  225. Version 4 date code 1c
  226. HELP. im not a skilled solderer Loc. in NJ
  227. help me make up my mind
  228. Best thing for PS2 so I can play backups?
  229. Best place to buy a Messiah in the UK?
  230. ps2 neo2.6 autodvd problem?
  231. Question for people who install mods
  232. I have looked at the FAQs and all of the websites in the thread and I still have a ?
  233. no modchip for my ps2!!!!??!?
  234. need help dissasembling ps2 to install neo4
  235. Fixing a broken PS2
  236. Does Backups using DVD-RW need modchip?
  237. Q about sbox, usb modchip and V 7 PS2's
  238. Modded NEO4.1 PS2 + Origa chip =???
  239. Modchip requests get you suspended!!!
  240. Which's a best ModChip of V5 system??
  241. messiah chip installings
  242. Neo 2.2 Help
  243. Magic 2 booting problems
  244. Origa help
  245. What mod would you get for PS2 Ver 3?
  246. ps2 not booting
  247. No Solder Modchip
  248. Help Req Please..
  249. I ordered a Apple for V7 can someone tell me what kind of wires i need?
  250. Need some help.. about my modded neo4.1+origa combo PS2