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  1. Best Modchip for Xbox
  2. Need help on the Kernal setings for Enigmah chip
  3. When is the 1 solder mod chip for x box coming out????
  4. Just flashed unboard bios and fitted 80gb drive
  5. is the enigmah chip easy to fit?
  6. How do you remove the plastic off of the wire??????HELPPPP
  7. HELP!!! LIGHT JUST TURNED RED. Just put in MOD....
  8. X-ecutor release date UPDATE:
  9. What's The Process After The Mod??
  10. great new folder!
  11. xtender 1.1 or evoX?
  12. Enigmah screwed me over
  13. anyone install mod chips in or around dublin ireland???
  14. Chipping an xbox
  15. BIOS with Enigmah Chip
  16. Basic Instructions on how to Flash the EvoX bios using Enigmah????
  17. Installations and Repairs Our Speciality --- UK Only !!!
  18. I have 1 pre-wired Enigmah FINAL chip for sale/trade
  20. Help on homebrew and evo-x
  21. Basic Instructions on how to Flash the EvoX bios using Enigmah????
  22. Help! Cant get BIOS chip to flash....
  23. .xX[·· MøÐ ©Hë©K ··]Xx.
  24. i have a mod and if flash my xbox with EvolutionX V2.2 bios do i still need a mod
  25. whats the advantage of owning a engimah x FINAL VERSION?
  26. evo-x homebrew install diagram
  27. Goes on and off
  28. evo-x iso
  29. extender v1.3
  30. Help in Pennsylvania
  31. x-tender 1.1 ?
  32. What to use ??
  33. Which 2 wires do I need to disconnect inorder to disable the Enigmah Final?
  34. I just Flashed my Hyundi BIOS!!!
  35. Longterm effects of modding/playing backups on an Xbox?
  36. wot modchip r available ?
  37. Is xbox as hard 2mod as ps2?
  38. X-ecuter diagrams whats this about...
  39. Can anyone help
  40. Broken track on xbox mobo, am I ******
  41. looking for us retailer of x-ecuter
  42. Installed Enigmah BUT no Audio or Video and DVD wont open?? Plz Help
  43. What modchip should I buy??
  44. How do I know if Ive chipped it correctly.
  45. X-Box Cooked....
  46. *******.com
  47. xbox enigma help
  48. Just bought premod and it isn't working right...please help!!!
  49. Precision Soldering Irons
  50. I've never touched an iron before...would I be able to install an X-ecuter?
  51. Does the X-ecuter bypass the Xbox bios?
  52. installing enigmah mod chip - simple question
  53. messiah x & X-ecutor
  54. the enigmah jumper
  56. On, off, then flashing red and orange
  57. x-ecutor+ evox 2.2 combo
  58. enigma vs extender, whats the best
  59. HELP Something wrong with my XBOX
  60. EvoX 2.1 and 2.2 Bios Differences
  61. What Type of Soldering Iron?
  62. [New Modchip] MESSIAH-X
  63. evo X
  64. OpenXboX
  65. What benefits does the X-Ecuter Mod have for xbox
  66. Help Evo X
  67. Brand new Xbox Dead after Modded
  68. Can All ModChips play Apple Generic Dvds?
  69. so let me get this right.........
  70. Which is the best chip? (An un-biased topic please)
  71. best way to flash onboard bios
  72. thinking of getting modchip, please help me
  73. XTender Mod chip
  74. New to X-Box Scene and need advise.
  75. my xbox gone loopy after installing evo x with CDRW
  76. where to buy kynar wire in uk?
  77. Splitting bios files for dual boot.
  78. Help with Evox 2.2(Xios) modchip.. How do I install it?
  79. where is X-ecutor???
  80. need sum help on a xbox system
  81. Chipping services in Sheffield, England?
  82. Need Someone to install xbox Modchips
  83. I got a question about my Modded Xbox
  84. Messiah-X
  85. Flashing the bios?
  86. Xbox Chip
  87. more than 1 version of Enigmah?
  88. anyone else have this problem with modded box?
  89. Xtender 1.1 not working w/ certain games?
  90. Anyone fitted their X-ecutor yet?
  91. BIOS flash interrupted! Need help please!
  92. modchip
  93. bad service on a Mod chip Install???
  94. certain versions of Xbox can't play DVD-Rs
  95. X-ecuter - Dvd Zone Free?
  96. How else can a newer Xbox mod chip advance?
  97. About Xbox chips
  98. Anyone in san-diego that installs xbox chips?
  99. EVO X installed but nothing happening?
  100. What chips can be flashed?
  101. Just got my x-box, what chip is best to install?
  102. Help installing X-ecuter!!
  103. Enigmah installed...but still nothing works?
  104. Question about booting with Evo-X
  105. Enigmah X video/audio inconsistancies
  106. X-ecuter Help needed Badly
  107. Which is the best MOD Chip?
  108. what chip is best for the xbox
  109. XBOX No Solder No Wire Mod Chip !!!!!
  110. x-ecuter really do everything?
  111. How to tell if I have beta or final Enigmah?
  112. Xbox Questions
  113. Beginner Question about Evo-X
  114. More X-ecuter help needed!!
  115. A little bird told me(modchip no wires or solder)
  116. Definite Review of X-ecuter
  117. Is My XBOX BROCKEN my xtender has been installed and my xbox wont boot!
  118. More on No solder Mod Chip...
  119. Enigmah: what is macrovision?
  120. All snap, i think one of my pads came off
  121. quick question
  122. Flashed by X-Box Last Night
  123. Evolution 2.3??!!
  124. Help a newbie please
  125. Why no links here for EVOX?..and why no FAQ?
  126. how long before no solder...
  127. Where do I find a MOD chip
  128. got two defective enigmah out of the six I ordered from liksang
  129. Discussion: Xbox w/ Evox.. future concerns??
  130. Xtender 1.1
  131. X-Box Flashing Instructions
  132. wires?
  133. on off switch?
  134. Xbox Hard Drives. Does It Matter Which One?
  135. X-ecuter - Inconsistent results
  136. please help
  137. Homebuild mod / EvolutionX
  138. Help installing Enigmah Modchip!!
  139. x ecuter with switch
  140. Probs after Enigma install ???
  141. Please help out a complete newbie installing the X-ecuter
  142. Which chip?
  143. Xios chip and want EvoX... help pelase
  144. help
  145. Evo-X Problem
  146. What's the difference between the Enigmah Beta and Final?
  147. x-ecuter installation help!!
  148. I have to Find this out, how do i find out which modchip i have
  149. is X-Ecuter upgradable?
  150. good X-Ecuter install diagrams with pics?
  151. USA X-Box--- What Chip?
  152. How to flash bios with enigmah beta chip?
  153. X-ecuter...need Some Answers Please!
  154. EVO-X Ran once and stopped working, any reasons 4 this?
  155. What is the best way to install the x-ecuter.
  156. Can you bridge gaps with a lead pencil?
  157. new owner of xbox
  158. problem with X-ecuter, need help
  159. Chip!!!!
  160. X-ecuter - Wont read dvdrs
  161. Xodus Chip? Help!
  162. X-ecuter DVD Dongle Lock off feature--??
  163. 9 and 10
  164. something i've done ?
  165. Hi-Def kit+ X-ecuter=Problems??
  166. Look here for the best news ever
  167. eraser
  168. x-ecuter help
  169. hard drive
  170. anyone else has x-ecuter booting inconsistently?
  171. external switch
  172. Intermittent FTP?
  173. Installed the X-ecuter and are getting the Red Flashing READ IN
  174. help wanted
  175. External Hardrive?
  176. Old College Try
  177. Nothing
  178. Any1 in the NY region who install X-Ecuter?
  179. open xbox modchip
  180. Is there any modchip that runs backups on cdr?
  181. has anyone got OpenXbox?
  182. What is the difference between the EvoX2.3 and EvoX2.4 BIOSs?
  183. Adjusted lazer for XBOX
  184. please help
  185. HELP! How to install EVo-x Modchip!
  186. flashing green but disc tray doesnt open
  187. Try it
  188. whats the chance of X-Ecuter xbox not playing DVD-R
  189. flashing bios
  190. Does Enigmah-X Support HDD Swap?
  191. i NEED, instructions on how to install an X-box mochip, its the Executer?????????????
  192. Woohoo - Installed New Hard Drive
  193. games are Jumppy and lag..???
  194. IS a switch nessesary, for the executer modchp? whats teh point???
  195. im thinking of flashing my xbox
  196. which modchip should i get?
  197. putting a switch on my enigmah
  198. enigma final or beta
  199. help with enigmah modchip please
  200. the NEW Xbox flashing LeD..
  201. Problem with Drive Swap!!!!!
  202. Please Please Help.
  203. How to install evo-x or xios chip?
  204. Xbox Light Blinks red & green, but won't boot....
  205. Different id's... Please help me
  206. Help - X-ecuter Problem ?
  207. flashing my original bios...please help
  208. Problem with homebrew chip. Please help!
  209. New X-Box modchip for $15! No wires...
  210. X-Ecuter Issues...
  211. the release of the new MatriX chip
  212. which modchip will fit on the new xbox
  213. Red/Orange Flashing....
  214. What's an LPC mod?
  215. HELp with evo-x chip!
  216. X-Ecuter v 1.1
  217. help needed:Xbox displaying flashing orange/red light when power is applied and no pi
  218. red/green flashing
  219. enigmah and xbox live (NEWBIE plz help me)
  220. Xecuter probs
  221. my open xbox chip playing tricks!
  222. Xodus/Matrix shipping within 48 hours!
  223. Who has an Xecuter not installed willing to do me a favour?
  224. Not a problem... but strange behaviour
  225. OpenXbox installation problems.
  226. Need install pics for xbox read in
  227. Best BIOS to use?
  228. Help with Xecutor mod for Xbox please
  229. HELP need installation diagrams for Xecuter
  230. Eject Trick ?
  231. No More Chipping The Xbox
  232. Does the Matrix use the swap trick?
  233. Info sites?
  234. XBox has stopped Booting (X-ecutor, Red/Green Flashing)
  235. Matrix No solder Mod Review
  236. hex edit with beta chip. help!!
  237. xbox bios binary file always 256k?
  238. Can we have a tutorial on flashing matrix?
  239. Question: Soldering Enigmah-X????
  240. How do I flash the matrix with XP?
  241. New Xbox's
  242. Open Xbox Help Requested
  243. This is how you use Milksop on XP
  244. Running Milksop on XP
  245. matrix/xodus chip help
  246. games do not work
  247. Reviewof MAtrix/Xodus look in!
  248. T10/T20 screwdrivers
  249. iam installing the pandora mod and iam confuses on the v points
  250. ive been wondering for ages.. so.. is x box chipping in england legal?