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  1. How do i find out the type of media my DVD-R disc is???
  2. any problems in copying from crap media to good media?
  3. test
  4. bulkpaq orange
  5. Newbie Question
  6. got told that ritek and primedisc are the same , is that true?
  7. Are Memorex DVD+R 4X discs good for dvd movie backup?
  8. Ranking dvd-r's
  9. Good "first-time boot" media?
  10. Need These Dvd Covers
  11. Verbatim InkJet Printable vs Normal DVD-R?
  12. Thats Write DVD-R not working
  13. How good is the quality of TDK DVD-R's
  14. smartdisc and shintaro dvd-r
  15. dvd problems
  16. 4.7gig dvdr capacity
  17. TruSilver blank CDs & Audio CDs?
  18. TruSilver blank CDs and Audio CDs?
  19. Datawrite?
  20. Dvd -/+r
  21. How to read ATIP????
  22. media for ao6
  23. good cd rom media
  24. ok got a problem with datasafemedia 2x in my ao4
  25. Princo media for DVD player
  26. Labeling dvd disks
  27. dvd recorder stand alone
  28. dvd+r question
  29. Help:DVD players
  30. Ritek discs
  31. Where is a good place to buy cheap DVDRs in the USA?
  32. Are all cds the same?
  33. how to identify ritek and/or princo dvd-rs?
  34. Anyone used Laser (AML) discs
  35. What are good name brands dvd-r media?
  36. gigastorage/mbi dvd-r
  37. DVD Media Question
  38. datasafe cdr
  39. hey i don't know if this a silly question but here it goes , please read in !!
  40. Dvd R
  41. Are Datasafe DVDR made by Ritek? OK for Xbox?
  42. PROBLEM, DVD+RW format media, burning to DVD+R
  43. ritek g03's at 2x on pioneer 105
  44. Artec DVD-Rom Drive doesnt play all drd-r
  45. pioneer 106 & Media
  46. Nanya 4x
  47. silver tops..vs..white tops..
  48. CD-R Disc 90min/800mb , 99min/900mb
  49. e-buyer own brand 4x dvd-r
  50. Is the Mitsubishi DVD-R discs good with the Sony 510a?
  51. using a disk doctor type of thing
  52. Good Advice About Dvdr Media
  53. what discs are these?
  54. Is there something wrong with my discs or nuro burn??
  55. Cannot locate the CD-ROM
  56. FWS Ritek 2x DVD-R
  57. What DVD-R?
  58. empty cdrom drive and blank discs show as full
  59. Where can I get cheap DVDR media?
  60. DVD-9 question....
  61. Best place to buy Ritek dvd-r?
  62. DVD-RAM Question
  63. Dvd-r media issues
  64. printing on dvd media
  65. DVD+R compatable list (please help,how do i know what dvd+r disc will write at 4x)
  66. DVD+R's Compatable at 4x with JLMS XJ-HD 166S (please help)
  67. Ritek - Show new discs at CES
  68. GoGo dvd-r
  69. What's Single Sided Write Once Media?
  70. Arita Ritek G04
  71. Ritek G04 Shiny or Matted Silver?
  72. Nero experts in here? Please help!!!
  73. memorex dvd+r X4 speed media
  74. 8 x media for plextor
  75. Any online stores selling Ritek that is NOT from California?????????
  76. Right disk for Memorex?
  77. Ritek Disk seem to be coming apart in center?
  78. liteon help
  79. Have I been had ? (RITEK / SONY DVD'rs)
  80. ripping DVD's
  81. Difference between these Ritek disks?
  82. ritec dvd-r printable
  83. dvd media
  84. Ritek media, why so many types?....
  85. Pioneer 106 being picky about media?
  86. Why do people use Cheapo dvd media?
  87. Datawrite Red V2 LEAD OUT Probs.
  88. Ritek or Memorex or TDK
  89. black bottom cd-r
  90. I NEED HELP >> i purchased the nec but having problems burn with ritek g04 dvd-r
  91. Ritec discs
  92. bulkpaq orange dvdrs
  93. dvd newbie question: ne1 got a pacific 750 (asda)?
  94. Blank DVDRs question (Confused)
  95. good prices
  96. Is there a way to determine a DVD-R brand with non-branded DVD-R?
  97. 8x for Pioneer 107
  98. Good time to buy Ritek G04's
  99. Quandary- Really
  100. Ritek G03 vs. G04
  101. cheapest dvd media?
  102. Is this good media?
  103. Ritek in Australia
  104. Writeable media for Liteon LDW-411S
  105. is bulkpaq compatible with pioneer A05
  106. DVD-RW media not working on stand alone
  107. will Ritek's ever work on a NEC 2500
  108. Why dont these DVDs work?
  109. DVD burner
  110. Memorex DVD-R
  111. wot is the cheapest and best dvd-r available
  112. whats the best disks for lite-on LDW 411S
  113. identify dvdr media manufacturer
  114. Real 8x - Media?
  115. dvd writer question
  116. Bulk****
  117. NEC 2500A Copy Protection Error
  118. Are Fugi 2.4x dvd+ discs any good?
  119. Ridata 4x : Anyone Have Issues With These ?
  120. Best DVD+R discs to get
  121. overprints of quality brand dvd-r's...
  122. What CD-R's are people using?
  123. Firmware downgrade
  124. cd-r wont work(win xp)
  125. Media?
  126. DVD Writer Problem
  127. what program?
  128. reverse a firmware in a sony dru-510a
  129. Why cant i burn at 2x using a 104 pioneer on a G04?
  130. Bigger DVDR than 4.7g ????
  131. For PS2 games, which dvd brand would you recommend: Memorex, Media or Princo?
  132. dvd-ram question
  133. How to recover deleted files on DVD+RW
  134. Multi DVd's On One DVD
  135. trading
  136. is ridata the same as ritek
  137. bin n' cue
  138. ridata dvd-r g04 problem
  139. V8 Supercars 2
  140. Is it possible to stick multiple bin & cue files on the same DVD and have it work?
  141. Optiwrite DD0201 Burner
  142. Please Help Identify DVD Media Manufacturer
  143. are these any good ???????
  144. DVD sales (sites)
  145. MPEG files to DVD
  146. Whats the diff. between DVD+R and DVD-R
  147. Dual Layered Discs
  148. DVD to CD
  149. sum1 PLZ help, problem with dvd-rw / blank media
  150. Sony RDRGX7 Media Advice
  151. how do convert xvid/divx to DVD easily
  152. Opinions Please. Just a noob tryin' to get along....
  153. Need info on manufacturer ID
  154. Burning .avi's on DVD-RWs with CD-R+RW burner
  155. Pioneer A05 won't recognise blank That's Write DVD-R's
  156. Datawrrite classics
  157. dvdr mount error
  158. ridisc purple 4x G05 ???
  159. media storage question
  160. Test DVD
  161. CD-Rom Drive Help Please
  162. DVD Drive Problem
  163. Alba DVD 54 & 55
  164. dvd rom only reads at 4 speed
  165. manufacturer of blank cd and dvd
  166. Pioneer 108 16x4all, 12x rip, multi region, beta out
  167. Newbie Idiot here
  168. DVD drive problem, help please!
  169. DVD playback in Russia
  170. DVD CD Specs
  171. HEEELP !!! Problems burning with NEC ND-3500A and Ridata DL disc (ritek)
  172. G04 media bad?
  173. Buy Help Dvd+-rw
  174. Why not possible to change audio channel in DVD?
  175. want to export dvd-r and dvd+r from china
  176. pioneer 107-did anyone see this.
  177. Problem with my dvd burn
  178. Help!! Can A Laptop Dvd+r Drive Play A Dvd On A Dvd-r Disc
  179. burning multiple avi files
  180. Lite-On DVDRW Help!!!!
  181. How to play miniDVD on PS2
  182. Problem writing CDs with Nero
  183. 16x dvd writers are they any good
  184. Which DVD's can I use on a Matsui 125?
  185. Newly burnt DVD not read by DVD-Rom
  186. Burners not working?
  187. N1 have any luck with Breakin all the Rules?
  188. Another Question!!!!!
  189. maxell dvd+r blanks
  190. Pioneer DVR-106D and Nero
  191. Is there a difference in bitsetting software?
  192. check disc error
  193. best choice┬┐?
  194. Liteon DVD writer
  195. Pio107D/Nero 6 Errors on DVD write
  196. vob to mpeg...pls help
  197. Power Calibration Area Error
  198. help with new dvd writer
  199. Recordable Audio DVD Discs
  200. DVD Burnt yet cannot be read by writer or any other dvd rom
  201. LG DVD┬▒RW 12x Double Layer Extern USB 2.0 Firewire
  202. Liteon LVW-5006 "Stand-alone" DVD Recorder
  203. Software updates for Dup Controllers
  204. manufacturer of blank media and cdrom dvd dvdrom
  205. no disk in drive e
  206. 108 problem with dl
  207. What is this brand? CMC or RItek?
  208. internal target failure
  209. Help!!!
  210. where can i find bulk preformated cdrw?
  211. vhs to dvd copy
  212. cant burn dvds on nero?
  213. cd-r no t recognised in cd/dvd rewriter
  214. need help with a sony drive
  215. Help! CDROM gone after DirectX upgrade
  216. Benq 52X32X52 slow burning
  217. Which brands DVD or CD disks are best
  218. juddering
  219. SONY DRU 516a
  220. toshiba laptop dvd burner problem
  221. Any ideas!
  222. dvd writer
  223. Trouble backing up saw
  224. Problems With Dell DVD +/-RW
  225. help with sony dvd burner
  226. the grudge???
  227. dvd manufacturer list
  228. Best CD-RW disc
  229. Nec Dvd Rw Nd 2500a
  230. Burner speeds slowed down
  231. Where is PrimoDVD?
  232. cd-rom won't work need help!
  233. Burning DVD's
  234. mini dvdr question
  235. dvd and an s-video
  236. cd-rom gone formatting loopy!
  237. Datawrite Red (V3) problems with burning
  238. DVD-R or DVD+R
  239. PC To Mac-trouble!
  240. please sugguest a burner
  241. Help please
  242. DVD or CD for PC games
  243. any news on dual layer dvd - r yet
  244. Looking for new cover sites
  245. Its a old dumb question (probally)
  246. Playing CD's
  247. Cannot copy home recorded DVD
  248. best dvds blanks
  249. DVD+RW burning problems with Nero and Data Life PLus
  250. Overburning