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View Full Version : Drag and drop files onto CD drive [Tiny; Mediabook; winXP]

May 25, 2002, 10:21 AM
I was burning some CD's for my company the other day (manuals, procedures etc) and when i dragged the files from my hard dirve on to the CR-RW drive it went through the usual procedure of writing them to an image file etc... When i clicked on the balloon in the bottom right corner, telling me i had files ready to be written to the CD, i clicked write to CD drive button, named the CD etc..and hit Next -> (blank media already in the drive).
However, it then hung on the "writing data to CD image" screen on the wizard.
After about 2 minutes a screen came up saying that an error had occured whilst trying to write to the CD.
But if i simply ejected the CD, removed it and put it back in the drive, then the process worked OK.
Any thoughts as to what the problem is? Does the process only work first time if no media is loaded into the drive and it and prompts you to put blank media in?????
Not a major hassle, but a niggle none the less.
Thanks in advance.