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View Full Version : Pioneer Dvd-rw A03 and win Xp

Jan 26, 2002, 07:26 PM
I purchased a pioneer dvd-rw A03 but since i got it i cant get it to burn any cds. In primo dvd it says the drive is not ready when i instert a cd-r cd-rw dvd-r dvd-rw. And in all the other burning programs it reconizes and burns the cd but when i go to use the burned cd it doesnt work and doesnt have anything on it. The odd thing is that it can read cds fine and dvd movies. I upgraded the firmware also and still nothing. Im thinking either i hooked the wrong jumper settings or that i need drivers with win xp. The instructions that came with the drive dont explain the jumper settings so maybe thats it but i think i have it on slave but not sure. Could some one explain the correct jumper settings or how to configre it in win xp.