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View Full Version : quick general newb questions

Jan 27, 2002, 11:49 PM
Ive been in the DC scene and burned alot of stuff, but now its almost time to move up to DVD. But ive had trouble finding reviews and general info so im going to ask a couple of questions that im just troubled by. If im wrong just correct me; i got to find out this stuff sooner or later.

1- there are DVD-r's and DVD+r's but what the heck is the difference? Is the difference between a DVD-rw and a DVD+rw drive important and is the -/+ thing a property of the disk or a feature of the drive itself?

2- DVD come in single and dual layers, difference being 4.7 and 9.4 gigs. (This helps me understand why some movies seem bigger than a 4.7 dvdr) Are there dual layer blanks and if there are can they be burned in any DVD-r drive? (pioneer A03?)

3- What would happen if you tried to copy a DVD on the fly? (as opposed to the guides i keep seeing where u rip to a HD)

4- Is DVD-ram of any real importance? are there any drives that do DVDr, DVDrw and DVDram?

sorry if this stuff annoys the vets, but as DC seems to die away i gotta find a new fun toy.........