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View Full Version : Some info on modding NFL2k2, NFL2k1, NFL2k & NCAA2K2 (56k Warning....)

May 11, 2005, 11:37 PM
Caution: Long post with pics ahead.......

Im still formatting and copying/pasting from all my notes so please excuse the bad format and/or lack of neat presentation, pics will be up soon.....

As you probably know NFL2K2, NFL2K1 & NCAA2K2 seem to use the same engine, so some files can be exchanged between them with varying degrees of success to create interesting results. This could also be the case with NFL2K but I don't have that game yet in order to conduct some tests...

I've been studying NFL2k2 & NFL2K1 files for many nights and this is all the info I've gathered so far regarding Sounds, Graphics, Stadiums & the Front End, some files can be replaced with their counterpart from the next/previous year of the game with varying results........feel free to correct me...............or add ur own info......results, etc....

Sound Files (NFL2K2):

Open them with Goldwave version 4 or 5
( *********** ).
The format will not be automatically reckognized, so you have to manually select to open the file as Dialogic VOX - ADPCM 4 bit, Mono with a sample Rate of 11025 hz. Unfortunately the sound quality isnt perfect so some hiss noises are audible. My guess is that all the audio files are somehow linked & packed inside the big .DAT files, so I suppose someone with some free time would need to code a utility to unpack/pack these files so they can be properly modified, or perhaps create a plugin for Goldwave/Cakewalk/(insert your favourite audio program here) to enable them to decode & edit these files.

audio.dat (181 MB) - In-game commentary by Dan Stevens & Peter O'Keefe (9 hr track length)

chat.dat (20 MB) - Same deal as audio.dat but contains stadium music tracks, crowd noises, etc. You'll actually be able to listen to fans & other players shouting at other players to wake up, get their act together, etc..... some are rather funny... (1 hr track length)

chat.dir (33.8KB) Appears to have the filenames for each commentary, I,e:

A..A2......>...02..>.......pa_musonce10.wav.pa_musonce09.wav.pa_musonc e08.wav.pa_musonce07.wav.pa_musonce06.wav.pa_muson ce05.wav.pa_musonce04.wav.pa_musonce03.wav.pa_muso nce02.wav.pa_musonce01.wav.pa_musonce00.wav.

teams.dat (575KB) - Same deal, but it only has the announcers voice calling all team names, Home Team, Visiting Team, 49ers, Bears, Cowboys, Southwest Alumni, NFL, Superstars, etc. (1:40 min track length)

players.dat (19.8 MB) Announcers calling player numbers, i,e: Number 73, Number, 16, all the way from Number 99 to Number 0. It is then followed by all player names, Johnson, Smith, Aikman, Owens, Favre, etc... (1 hr track length)

Fxa0.iff (416 kb) Crowd noises & referee whistles? (Hard to tell)
Fxa1.iff (404 kb) Crowd noises & referee whistles? (Hard to tell)
Fxb0.iff (252 kb) Shoulder pad noises, player grunts, moans, screams, etc
Fxb1.iff (248 kb) Shoulder pad noises, player grunts, moans, screams, etc
Fxb2.iff (250 kb) Shoulder pad noises, player grunts, moans, screams, etc
Fxb3.iff (239 kb) Shoulder pad noises, player grunts, moans, screams, etc
Fxb4.iff (237 kb) Shoulder pad noises, player grunts, moans, screams, etc
Fxb5.iff (248 kb) Shoulder pad noises, player grunts, moans, screams, etc

As00.iff – (25kb) Player huddle noises?
As01.iff – (22kb) Player huddle noises?
As02.iff – (26kb) Player huddle noises?
All the way to……… Player huddle noises?
As59.iff – (25kb) Player huddle noises?

Hs00.iff – (87kb) Player huddle noises?
Allthe way to………….
Hs59.iff – (67kb) Player huddle noises?

Qb1cn001.iff – (36kb) Various Quarterback counts (16, 35, green, 45…..)
All the way to……………
Qb1cn100.iff – (38kb) Various Quarterback counts (16, 32, green 45, …..)

Qb1dsh1.iff – (22kb) Various Quarterback counts (down…set….Hut… hut.)
Qb1dsh2.iff – (25kb) Various Quarterback counts (down….set….Hut… Hut..)

Qb2dsh1.iff – (20kb) Similar to the above but with other voice.
Qb2dsh2.iff – (19kb) Similar to the above but with other voice.

Qb2cn001.iff – (33kb) Various Quarterback counts similar to the above with other voice.
All thw way to……….
Qb2cn100.iff – (32kb) (33kb) Various Quarterback counts similar to the above with other voice.

Loadsnd.iff (86kb) The music that plays while a game is loading with the animated NFL2k2 logo & the football (Open it as Dialogic VOX – ADPCM 4 bit 22050 hz, the sound isn’t perfect but you can definitely distinguish the tune).

Gameaudio.iff (478Kb) The first part would appear to be some sort of crowd boos, then some sort of player moans, then just loud static, and some unidentifiable sounds at the end.

The easiest sound file to replace and have a good result is Loadsnd.iff, if you replace it with NFL2K1's version you'll get a different loading music which I think its better, if you replace Audio.dat you'll get bad results as the commentary doesn't match the acton in the field, the other IFF sound files can also be replaced however they would appear to be the same so they really won't make that much of a difference.

May 11, 2005, 11:52 PM
The Following section deals with Graphics
(I'm updating this post with info & pics...)


Objects & Stadiums
Sky Day (These files appear to be the actual sky rendered when you play a game on a stadium with no roof.)

D1.iff – Normal Day 1 (Path reference to NFL2000 day1.pix)
D2.iff – Normal Day 2 (Path reference to NFL2000 day2.pix)
D3.iff - Same
D4.iff - Same
D5.iff - Same
D6.iff - Same

Sky Rain

Dr1.iff – Rain Day 1 (Path reference to NFL2000 dayrain1.pix)
Dr2.iff – Rain Day 2 (Path reference to NFL2000 dayrain2.pix)
Dr3.iff - Same
Dr4.iff - Same
Dr5.iff - Same

Sky Snow

Ds1.iff – Snow Day 1 (Path reference to NFL2000 daysnow1.pix)
Ds2.iff – Snow Day 2 (Path reference to NFL2000 daysnow2.pix )
Ds3.iff - Same
Ds4.iff - Same

Sky Night

Nr1.iff Night Rain
Ns1.iff Night Snow
and so on.......


S00.iff – Stadium
S00_n.iff – Stadium Night
S00_nr.iff – Stadium Night Rain
S00_ns.iff – Stadium Night Snow
S00r.iff – Stadium Rain
S00s.iff – Stadium Snow

This format applies to all the teams, check the following table table where you can match the team to their corresponding files.

Table is almost ready.....check back soon...

Stadiums have their textures & objects stored inside the file, you can exchange them between 2k1 & 2K2 with no problems whatsoever, they work flawleslly unfortunately the same cannot be said about NCAA2k2's great looking stadiums with their awesome grass textures, the football has a tendency to warp to the 50 yard line whenever it is on the air.

You can run the ball with no problems, but properly passing & kicking is not possible.......

Lets take a look at NFL2K2's rendition of Husky Stadium, everything looks ok,
but there's nothing special except the washed out grass textures...

Now if you replace NFL2K2's S26.iff file (Husky Normal Day Stadium) with s177.iff from NCAA2K2 (Husky Stadium) you'll notice the new stadium is graphic-wise rendered perfectly!!! That's right NFL2K2 is rendering NCAA2K2's stadiums!!! Notice the beautiful grass textures!!!


On the last image you can see the only nasty side effect, the ball has just been snapped from a shotgun formation, unfortunately the "warp effect" happens here as well, the Center and the QB don't have the ball, however if you look at the W on the field you'll notice the ball is there sitting near midfield.

I suppose Avalanche (the guys who developed NCAA2K2) aside from putting to shame Visual Concepts' Texturing Team did some tweaking to the Stadium's coordinates. I've tried running the ball though and it works fine, and you can score a touchdown as you enter the endzone, the Score is properly registered and the game keeps running fine, so who knows...maybe some hexediting of NCAA2K2 stadium files could render them fully compatible with NFL2K2.

May 12, 2005, 03:40 PM

This file seems to control the way player files are rendered, if you use 2K2's version on NFL2K1 the players will have a different more colorful look, and the LOD adjustments are smoother, the in-game animations remain the same. additionally this file has something to do with game difficulty, kicking will be somewhat harder and overall difficulty appears to be raised as well.

If you use 2K1's version the other way around (replacing nfl2k2's) then you'll have bland players ala 2K1 with 2k2's animation, kickers will have more power, and the overall difficulty will be easier, it actually provides a great balance to NFL2K2 with default rosters on PRO difficulty, your average receivers will actually be able to catch passes consistently. Unfortunately there are some side effects to this, as some graphic glitches will occur at the play selection screen.


It is possible to switch this file as well between the 2K2 & 2K1, here's the original appearance of 2K2:

This is what happens if u use 2K1's file instead, notice how some of the backgrounds are missing, the font has changed slightly, and the team logos in the upper part of the screen have now become small helmets.


The main menu loses all of its backgrounds, but it's fully operational:

This is the result of using frontend.iff, Global.iff, Globalus.iff & Gamedata.iff
from 2k1 unto 2k2:


Here you get the same side effect effect of missiing backgrounds, however play selection does work fine:


Player Names & Hexediting.

Im not finished yet but im sleepy now.......

work in progress......

May 25, 2005, 01:06 PM
amazing..!!!! i liked NCAA2K2's graphics/textures better than NFL 2k2's. those pics of nfl2k2 engine running the ncaa2k2 field textures got my mouth watering..!!! and you got bledsoe on the cowboys.

if you could figure out how to get the field textures like that for all the outdoor.... or maybe some of the indoors stadiums, i just might play 2k2 this season.

keep up the great work..!! unbelieveable...!!!

Sep 08, 2005, 02:10 PM
just wandering how the nfl 2k2 project was comming as far as hex editing the rosters and so on also can you tell me what programs are used to open different dreamcast files iff,cmn,nhm also what do u use to view avi files in games reason i ask is i was looking at nhl 2k2 it seems easier than the nfl games in that it doesent have alot of big dat files also hod did u figure out what stadiums were what in the football games i cant find a program that views any of those file typs thank for the help

Oct 04, 2005, 07:59 PM
Hey I'm sorry I took so long to answer, I hadn't checked this thread for some time, and I've been updating the the Formula 1 Racing Textures...

Anyway, regarding the progress of the NFL2k2 mod, well....I haven't made any significant progress since my last post :( I've been unable to fix the "ball warping" on the stadiums from NCAA2K2 (sorry hrb2k i guess you won't play NFL2K2 this season)

As for the roster updates, I've managed to find the file with the player names but I still don't know which file has the attributes like speed, catch, block, etc... so that's not very good either..

Now regarding NHL2K2 and its file formats, I tried to check them out, but I seem to have misplaced my NHL2K2 disc :yell: Anyway..... sometimes you can identify file types by viewing them on a HexEditor, some luck, and lots of trial & error, At the beginning or end of any file you will usually find clues as to what the contents of the file are,

For instance:
NFL2K2's s00.iff - When you open this file on a HexEditor you will immediately notice SCNE...stadium the letters seem to give it away,
unfortunately I was unable to open it with any Graphic Program, Paint Shop Pro, Acdsee, or any PowerVR Plugin (though I didn't try any 3D modelling program), I almost went crazy, fortunately the file R2000.iff had all the clues needed to figure it out in this case it had something like this: "Devil Stadium.Sun Devil Stadium.Tempe, AZ.s00" turns out the cardinals are team00 for the game so any file that has 00 on its title is related to them.

After much time spent on trial & error and wasting lots of CDs I think I figured it out, the good news are that S00.iff is the actual stadium file, the bad news are that all the textures appear to be packed inside that file so unless someone finds a way to unpack them you won't be able to edit the stadium itself....

The rest is more trial & error, luck and some logic, the following files all have S00 on their names and just some letters that change like n=night, r=rain, s=snow. So if you copy over s00.iff with s01.iff rename it, and burn a CD and play a game at Sun Devil Stadium, you'll actually end up playing at The Georgia Dome. This is the method I used to identify file types, replace them and check the results.

S00.iff Is Sun Devil Stadium
S00_n.iff – Stadium Night
S00_nr.iff – Stadium Night Rain
S00_ns.iff – Stadium Night Snow
S00r.iff – Stadium Rain
S00s.iff – Stadium Snow (huh? snow at Arizona?? O_o)

Ok then, To make a long story short, unless you have access to the tools used to develop the game:

1) Trial & Error (Burn a lot of CDs)
2) You will usually find clues regarding the contents of a file at the beginnning or end of it.
3) Sometimes another file has the reference for other files with hints to their contents.
4) Replace some files with others of similar name, burn a CD and check for any changes
5) Beware of file extensions, sometimes a *.IFF file can be a a 3D Model or even a sound, etc. same thing with*.BIN, etc. you'll usually have to open each file on a HexEditor to get a clue, if you find TXT, PVR, JFIFF; JPEG, BMP etc inside a file its likely it will have some sort of texture, if you find VCSD, SOun, etc it usually has sound in it.
6) Did I mention Trial & Error?

Unfortunately that's the only way I've been able to identify some files, I'm sorry I couldn't help more.

These are the programs I use:

Graphics: Paint Shop Pro with Power VR Plugin (It can open some *.PVR files)
Sound: Goldwave
HexEditor: HexWorkshop
Some utilities from the Dreamcast section at megagames, some will unpack sound files, etc.

Oct 05, 2005, 11:43 PM
so in theroy you can update the rosters with a hexedittor just not be able to change the atributes hum i wander if you could just change the numbers and names from old players to the new ones for that specific position so the atributes would be simmilar only problem would be if the original guy from 2k2 sucked than so would the replacement i dont know also pm me about the nhl 2k2 copy ill help you out with that

Oct 15, 2005, 11:16 AM
Well you can change the names as long as the new name isn't longer than the original, unfortunately that complicates things for players with long names like Roethlisberger, and as you mention the original player stats are preserved. I still need to find where the player attributes & pics are stored... Anyway my GD-Rom stopped reading discs today, I tried to recalibrate the Laser but it didn't work so I guess I wont be doing any modding until I get my DC repaired.... :(

Oct 21, 2005, 01:26 AM
just wandering if you have a text of what you found out so far as in what files are what im interested in the file that let you change player names i know that the atributes stay the same but this is intriging to me also can you change numbers if so that opens up modding ncaa 2k2 well good luck on getting your dc fixed also you could try your local eb games or gamecrazy as they were selling used dc's for about 20 bucks thank for the help also are you going to upload your modded racing game when its done im interested in checking out what u came up with

Oct 21, 2005, 09:32 PM
im a big fan of the ncaa2k2 game but there are some things that i hate like it moves way faster than nfl 2k2 and you cant add player names so just wandering if you think its possible to add the teams,stadiums,announcers, and loading screens from ncaa 2k2 to the nfl 2k2 engine well thanks for the help

Oct 23, 2005, 03:01 PM
NFL2k2's player names are stored on the file r2000.iff,
these are the ones you see in-game.

Player names displayed in the player cards are stored on the file cards.iff.

Player names audio information is stored on the file players.dat

Unfortunately if you hexedit a player's name in r2000.iff, the announcers will still call the player by his "original" name.

I suppose it would be easier to update the game if somewhow the limitation of 8 created players could be overridden, this way the announcers would simply call the players by their number, speraking of which I still don't know where those are stored.

Now adding teams,stadiums,announcers, and loading screens from ncaa 2k2 to the nfl 2k2 engine and having them work perfectly does seem unlikely, I did some tests by replacing NFL2k2's A00.iff (Cardinals home uniform) with an uniform file from NCAA2K2, it was a partial success, while the helmet logos at the team select screen are displayed correctly, for example the Longhorns helmet looks great, once the game loads the uniforms are somewhat messed up, helmet logos appear on the shoulders and other weird graphic effects, Stadiums are beautifully rendered but you can't get the ball on the air, and even though you can replace the announcer files they won't be in synch with what's happening on the field.

Now if you want to try something interesting you could replace NCAA2K2's gamedata.iff with NFL2K2's version and see what happens graphicwise.

Anyway thanks for the tip, I'll check ebgames and buy another Dreamcast Console, I'm almost finished with my F1 texture update once I get my new DC, I'll post some pics on the F1 thread, and hopefully find a way to create a patch or something to update the game :)