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Jan 05, 2002, 10:31 PM
Forum Rules
These are The Rules until further notice and will be strictly enforced.
Break these rules and you will most likely BE BANNED! Warnings will not always be issued.

The Following Are Absolutely Prohibited:
The Trading of Commercial PC Applications.
Links to ANY websites containing: Copied PC applications, Serial's, Warez or Crackz to software applications, commercial or otherwise, and forums of a similar nature to this.
Requesting or offering via Post, Link or E-mail for Any of the Above.
Posting of objectionable materials or images.
No **** or anything distasteful allowed including links.
This will result in IMMEDIATE BANNING of the offending member!
Posting of anyone's personal detail information.

Rules of Conduct
You are expected to conduct yourself courteously and be respectful in your replies at all times.
The Harassment of another Member, abusive or obscene language will not be tolerated.
Keep your posts on topic.
Does your post fit in this Forum? To see a list of Forums, click here to go to the Main Forums Page (***********
Off-topic posts may be deleted without warning.
Remove any illegal links (illegal material, serials or links to sites containing these) before you post.
Remove any accidental double post should they occur.
The Open to All Computer Related Topics Forum is Open discussion for any related topics that do not fit in any of the other specialized forums. Bearing in mind the theme of this board and the word "related" any posts deemed to be off topic will be deleted or locked.
Please try to provide as much information about any problem you are having when starting a new topic. If you need to be contacted, please post your email addy.
• Logo image size is to be no larger then 200 width X 72 height in pixels.
• Logo filesize is to be no larger then 45Kbytes.
• Each member can only show one logo per topic to reduce the delay on viewing the topic (Moderators are exempt from the logo requirements, due to their Logo's being hosted on the board).
• Logo's in your Signature have been disabled and must be placed in the message body.
Bumping Posts
No Bumping of yours or other people's posts to position it for better visibility on the first page.
Post's are only to be Bumped if your Topic has gone unanswered and has gone off the first page.
• Warez is banned from all forums on this board.
• Commercial Software trading such as PC Applications is NOT PERMITTED. This type of software usually has to be registered to be used or to form part of the licence agreement and is non-tranferable and all trading of these will be classed as WAREZ and this includes new unopened items.
• You have a legitimate right to own a backup game providing you also own the original (subject to state & country). Not everyone has the means to make a backup and that is why trading in this is allowed.
• Sellers the onus is on you to satisfy yourself that a buyer is in possession of the original at the time of your trade.
• Reference and Ripper Posts
Unsubstantiated ripper accusation topics are all too frequent, and will be deleted. There are other websites that will provide these services.

This board will not be held responsible for any legal action taken against any individual by any third party in regards to Software Piracy.

These rules will be amended as is necessary.


Jan 06, 2002, 12:00 AM
Dreamcast Forum Rules

These rules are in addition to the rules stated above by the webmaster.

No requests for full games are allowed. If you need missing files you may request them in the Request Folder (***********
Do not ask where to download games. Check the DC ISO Folder (***********, if you do not see what you want in there then you are on your own.
Use the search feature (*********** before posting a question. You may find that your question has already been asked before.
No trading of any sort is allowed in this forum. You must go to the appropriate Buy/Sell/Trade forum.
Use the Chat Folder (*********** for chatting and not the main forum.

These rules will be amended as is necessary.