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barnaby101 Apr 24, 2007 05:52 PM

Executor2 EvolutionX Menu Items Gone!
I have had my xbox for about 2 years, it came chipped with Executor2 and EvolutionX V +3921. It had a main menu from EvolutionX which had options like play game from DVD, Manage HD, Play HDD game (or similar)......but all these have dissapeared.

I now have MS Dashboard, Reboot, Power Off, Settings, Backup and nothing else (although I still seem to have the StarWars Attack of the clones skin showing).

The games I backed onto the hard drive still seem to be there and taking up space.

I have checked the dip switches on the mod chip interface for playing "live" and disabling the mod chip - the all seem fine.

I can still boot a back-up game when I power on with it in the DVD ROM but I can't see any item in any menu or the original menu items to play games from the HDD (or to backup the game onto the HDD)

Any help appreciated


wooskie1 Feb 28, 2008 11:01 PM

Ummm... try reloading evo-x ...

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