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alexnikle Oct 22, 2009 09:35 PM

How to convert wmv to mpeg with Leawo?
[b]Convert WMV to MPEG with Leawo WMV to MPEG Converter?[/b]
Have you ever googled for [url=***********][b]WMV to MPEG converter[/b][/url] from the website? Is there an appropriate one to satisfy your needs? Why not try Leawo [url=***********][b]WMV to MPEG[/b][/url] Video Converter this time? As a professional MPEG video converter, it enables you to convert all popular formats from one to another, including AVI to MP4, MP4 to WMV, FLV to RM, WMV to MPEG, MP4 to VOB, etc.

Leawo WMV to MPEG [url=***********][b]Video Converter[/b][/url] also has several powerful functions, such as video crop, video trim and video settings. Moreover, its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use design definitely make your WMV to MPEG video conversion easy and fast, without quality loss. Of course, you can enjoy your MPEG files made from WMV files on your portable players like iPod, iPhone, PSP, etc.

Okay, in this guide we will explain how to [url=***********][b]convert WMV to MPEG[/b][/url] video file with Leawo WMV to MPEG Video Converter which can convert video among any formats easy and fast.

Step 1: Add video.
Click "Add" button to add WMV files to the program. Then choose "MPEG-1 Movie(*.mpg)" in "Style". And also, select your destination folder in “Output”.
Step 2: Customize effects.
Click "Customize" to open the "Customize" window. Then you can customize the output audio and video:
Under "Effect", drag the slides of "Brightness" and "Contrast" for a better visual effect. Check "Flip" to turn the video upside down. Check the "Deinterlace" to remove the TV system video artifacts. Drag "Volume" slide to adjust the volume.
Under "Trim", set the "Start Time" and "End Time" points for a video length.
In the droplist of "Letter Box", select a "Crop" style, or adjust the offset values for a precise cropping.

Step 3: Settings.
(1) Click drop-down button next to "Style" on the main interface to find the suitable quality for your output.
(2) Click "Settings" to open the "Settings" interface to make detail settings for output audio and video, such as audio and video codec, quality, bit rate, video frame rate, video size, audio sample rate, etc.

Step4. Click "Convert" n the bottom right to start the conversion, you'll find the conversion at super fast speed.

Here you can download this Leawo [url=***********][b]Video Converter[/b][/url] freely.
For MAC user, you can try Leawo Free [url=***********][b]MAC Video Converter[/b][/url].

alexnikle Oct 25, 2009 09:44 PM

How to convert mp4 to 3gp freely with Leawo?
[b]How to Convert MP4 to 3GP with Leawo MP4 to 3GP Video Converter[/b]
Some cell phones can play MP4 videos and some stick to 3GP. So if you want to enjoy MP4 videos on your 3GP cell phone, it is only feasible after you [url=***********][b]convert MP4 to 3GP[/b][/url] formats using a professional MP4 to 3GP converter. This guide will show you how to convert MP4 to 3GP with Leawo [url=***********][b]Free 3GP Converter[/b][/url], which has been proved to be a simple and smooth experience.

Leawo Free [url=***********][b]3GP Converter[/b][/url] is capable of converting all kinds of videos to 3GP formats. Using a third-party codec pack, no illegal codec will be installed to your system. Besides the standard output profiles for 3GP and 3G2, additional profiles for specific handset like BlackBerry are also convenient.

Leawo [url=***********][b]Video Converter[/b][/url] is a totally clean and safe program which is available on its product page. After download and installation, follow the steps below can you [url=***********][b]convert MP4 to 3GP[/b][/url] videos easy and fast.

Step 1: launch the program and import files in preparation for conversion.
A quick and easy way to import files is to drag them in Leawo [url=***********][b]MP4 to 3GP[/b][/url] Video Converter straightly. Or you might favor the traditional way via the "Add" button. After the import, you can also rearrange the order of the files, give a new output file name, have a preview by double clicking any one of the file titles and even take a snap of the video upon previewing.
Step 2: select an appropriate profiles and enjoy powerful video edit features
GSM-based cell phones normally demand *.3GP format, while CDMA-based cell phones are with *.3G2 format. Leawo 3GP Video Converter has also set up corresponding profiles for BlackBerry users.
If you would like to have the best playback effect on your cell phone, you must see to it that the Video Size exactly matches the physical resolution of your cell phone.

The visual and sound quality settings will greatly affect the output quality. Leawo [url=***********][b]MP4 to 3GP[/b][/url] Video Converter has options for a high, medium or low level quality. Normally, you will get larger file size with a higher quality level.

Don’t jump to the conversion process in a big haste. Leawo MP4 to 3GP Video Converter offers wonderful experience of video editing on customization panel, where you will find it very easy to twist your videos.
In the Effect feature, you adjust the brightness, contrast and the audio volume of the video. You can have a preview of your modifications on the right window.
The Trim feature is to give your video a clear cut with a high precision of millisecond, if you only want to output part of the video.
The Crop feature is simple and accurate in getting rid of the black margins to enhance the visibility.
The Logo Watermark feature allows for applying an image above the video layer.
The Text Watermark feature allows for applying a string of text on the video surface.

Step 3: let the conversion begin in a highly productive way.
Navigate to "Options-Preferences" to increase the number of Max Process. This will get your CPU focus more cycles on the video conversion and probably reduce more process time.

These are all about [url=***********][b]convert MP4 to 3GP[/b][/url].
Here you can download Leawo Free [url=***********][b]3GP Converter[/b][/url]
Or you can also try Leawo [url=***********][b]Video Converter[/b][/url] freely
For MAC user, you can use Leawo Free [url=***********][b]MAC Video Converter[/b][/url] here.

erurlerce Sep 30, 2011 10:09 PM

AMV converter tool
Hey guys, can anyone help me? I am trying my best to put an amv video onto my mp4 player but the [url=***********]amv converter[/url] keeps closed as long as i press convert, it only says program shutting down. I do not know what to do.

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