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bill198203 Dec 20, 2009 02:47 AM

1. Comparison between Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper and AnyDVD HD
1. Comparison between Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper and AnyDVD HD
2. The latest awesome BD ripper -- throw away AnyDVD

It is well known AnyDVD has established its authority in Blu-ray ripping, especially its upgraded version AnyDVD HD[img]***********[/img], which comes with additional features for full Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD support, including decryption of Blu-ray (BD+ and AACS) and HD DVD (AACS) movies.

However, with the release of Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper[img]***********[/img], AnyDVD may have to yield its leading place to this new-coming promising ripper, because this program is definitely surpassing AnyDVD in many aspects, such as allowing users to customize audio and video settings of Blu-ray, including aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, codec, and channels; enabling users to change languages of subtitle and audio track; providing edit functions like cropping, trimming, adding watermark, audio replacement, special effect; splitting BD to other video formats, etc.

For it is too complicated to express all information clearly by means of words, a comparison chart between [b]Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper[img]***********[/img][/b] and AnyDVD HD has been made as following, you can easily find out in what respects Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper is in superior to AnyDVD:


[b]Download Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper[img]***********[/img][/b]

[b]Download AnyDVD HD[img]***********[/img][/b]

Well, do a comparison between them, and make a decision about which one to choose. Last but not least, Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper just costs you $49 US dollars, while AnyDVD HD will take 63 euros, about $92 US dollars. To save or waste money, it is totally depending on yourselves.

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