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duffy90210 Nov 25, 2002 11:53 AM

Wireless/ADSL LAN equipment ??
Ok, I am not that good with home ADSL/networking, but a customer had ask us to provide a wireless/ADSL setup for his home.

They would be getting ADSL (wire only), now, could someone tell me what type of equipment I should be looking at to implement such a setup ?

I was looking for a All-in-one wireless ADSL modem, but not having much luck, so the next step would be getting a ADSL modem router (with 4x10/100 ports for hard wire should the wireless fail), and a wireless access point, then add the workstation USB connections.

Am I heading the right direction or something I am missing ?
If anyone can give me some make/model numbers to start with, I would be most grateful.


CapBlye Nov 25, 2002 09:56 PM

Hey Duffy,
Yes your getting warmer. The "wireless" wont be totally wireless. The wireless router will still have to be connected to the DSL modem with a
Cat-5 cable. But after that, then your ok. Getting the Linksys wireless kit isnt bad... but there are so many on the market now, that you have a broad range of options. Heres one option ***********
Just remember that you need to see who the ISP for the DSL is, before buying any type of DSL modem. They may only accept using specific brands/models.

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