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slikmik Jan 16, 2002 03:41 AM

Cdr Win Compatible ?
I have 2 writers,
liteon 24x10x40
traxdata 16x12x40
cdr win doesnt detect n e of these,ne 1 no why,or wot kind of cheap fast writer is compatible?
trax wrtes cd&g using discjuggler,but i need 1 that will write with cdr win,as im getting my karaoke in mp3&g format,need a writer taht will wite bin files once converted

SLA8293198 Jan 16, 2002 01:04 PM

what ver off cdrwin do you have as my mate got a liteon and it works fin with cdrwin

DannyT Jan 16, 2002 01:15 PM

According to cdrwins site your liteon is only supported by versions 3.8E and 4.0A. You may need to update your version m8.


bayag Jan 16, 2002 01:50 PM

I use CDRWIN 3.8F and it detects my Liteon 24x writer

BTW, not all Liteon models will write cdgs properly so dont be surprised if yours would burn but no graphics.

My Liteon writer is like that and I tried everything and still the cd will come out with a sound but no graphics :mad:

slikmik Jan 16, 2002 01:59 PM

right i do get sounds but no graphics
whos using cdr win with a decent fat writer ne 1??

Keymaster Jan 16, 2002 03:46 PM

Any Plextor you can buy will work (some older 4x Plextors and 8x with original firmware may have problems).

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