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HEZEKIAH44 Feb 18, 2005 10:23 PM

"JITTER" Problems caused from?
Hello Ive just backed up my copies of NBA Street vol.3, Prince of Persia WW. They seem to work fine in game butthe intros are jittery and skip sometimes, like its having trouble reading the disc. I thought it was the disc but everytime I load it, it doesnt do it. Sometimes its the picture that studders and other times its the music! Like on NBA street 3 the game plays fine, but the intro and menus sometimes have problems. Now on PoPWW its intro is fine and theres no gaming problems just music glithes or skipps. The music will start and stop as if having troubles, but when i take it out and retry it, it will work fine and skipp in other spots or wont skip at all. Now I tried the game on a different system and the same thing but not as much! Could my laser eye be going out!?! Or are the dics bad!?! Or is it bad burning!?! Im burning the same as I was before and have had no problem until now! Thanks for any HELP that could be offered!!!!!!!

braun008 Feb 21, 2005 12:53 AM

Make sure you're burning at 1X and are using good media.

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