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dragula96 Apr 22, 2004 01:28 AM

"dvd2one Click" (new interface proggie)
hey everyone,
Just to let everyone using dvd2one know that im developing a "one click" solution to dvd2one backing up.

im making a program that once setup will allow either a one click full backup or a one click movie only backup of a retail dvd.

this program will be usfull for those that like to burn movies late at night and dont want to be wakeing up every 30 mins to rip, then transcode, then burn again. this program will take care of all of that for you(when setup correctly).

dvd2one click is a GUI ONLY, and does not emmbed dvd2one or any other software into it.

tools (software) needed for dvd2one click to work:

- dvddecrypter
- dvd2one
- nero or other burning software
- and another freeware tool i will list later.

please give me some feedback on what you guys think, i would like to know if this is a good idea or not.:cool:

dragula96 Apr 22, 2004 12:38 PM

Update, Just posted some screenshots up on my website
check it out and please let me know your thughts.

TT69US Apr 22, 2004 03:21 PM

That's really a good idea m8...but how can we update the latest version of both progy (dvd2one & dvd decrypter)? when it becomes available...


dragula96 Apr 22, 2004 04:45 PM

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by TT69US [/i]
[B]That's really a good idea m8...but how can we update the latest version of both progy (dvd2one & dvd decrypter)? when it becomes available...

Thanks [/B][/QUOTE]

well.. updateing dvd2one and dvd decrypter will have to be done by their respective websites owners. dvd2one click! does not in any way emmbed any software to it, so you are free to update the dvd backup software as you please.

if there ever is an update for dvd2one or dvd decrypter all the user has to do to get dvd2one click! to work is reconfiger it, i dont think that an update to dvd2one click! will be nessessary.
but if it is then their will be since this software is made because i was tired of getting up every 30 mins to open programs manualy at 4 in the morrning.

dragula96 Apr 23, 2004 01:33 PM

I just finished working on dvd2one Click! for a cuple of hours and have an early alpha version ready that will work on backing up in "full Disk" mode only .
I added the settings area for configuration and this program should work on any xp/2000 machine, i dont think this will work on 9x or me.

i have tested it on windows xp pro machine. anyone that wants to try it out send me an email so i can send it out for testing make sure you give me some feedback.

here is the official readyme file that will be included with the .exe file.

dvd2one Click!
by dragula96
email: [email][/email]

please read carefuly since this is a alpha relase settings need to be made exacly as described.

version: alpha 2
software needed to run dvd2one click:

- dvd2one 1.40 (full registred version) from
- dvd decrypter (freeware) from
- nero or recordnow (trialware or buy) from or from ???
- ghostmouse 2.0 (freeware) from *********** or google

hardware needed:
- you must have enuff drive space to rip, and transcode a movie (atleast 13 gigs.)
- YOU MUST HAVE 2 DVD DRIVES!, this is important one to read and one to write in order for
dvd2one Click! to work with one click.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SOURCE FOLDER (where dvddecrypter stores ripped files)
AND A DESTINATION FOLDER (where dvd2one will output the transcoded files)

make sure that dvd decrypter is installed in its default directory ("C:\Program Files\DVD Decrypter")
or dvd2one Click! will not work!.

open up dvd decryptor and click on Tools -> Settings.
under the "general" tab under "default Destination" section choose "custom" then choose a folder for files to be ripped to then hit "ok".
remember the folder because you will need to point to it later in dvd2one.

that should be it for dvd decrypter settings for now.

install ghost mouse in its default directory C:\GMouse20
be sure to read the ghostmouse readme for finding out how to pause ghostmouse while running if nessessery.
run ghost mouse from your start/programs or whatever.
click on file -> options and check the box labled "close after AutoPlay", then hit "ok" button.

Ok now we need to "teach" ghostmouse to open and run dvd2one and nero.
TIP: when recording with ghostmouse be sure to move your mouse slowly and when clicking on
the program icons alow 5-8 seconds of idle time to allow the programs to load up then
continue to move the mouse and click.

here are the steps:
before anything close any windows or programs everything should be closed exept for ghostmouse.

1. move your dvd2one and nero icons all the way to the right hand cornor of yoru screen.
some where where they wont get in the way later,and do not move them from there ever!

2. (rip a full dvd to your source folder first then..) open ghostmouse and click on record move the mouse over the dvd2one icon and double click it
choose your source folder then choose your destination folder
- choose "DVD-+R(w)" in the combo box
- under copy mode choose "full disk"
- choose your compression ratio then click "Next"
under "select audio.."
- choose the first audio ( note: this audio track will always be selected for futuer dvd rips)
about 98% of the time its the right one.
- click on "start" after that dvd2one starts doing its thing.
- go back to ghostmouse and click on "stop" that should end your recording session.
-click on File -> save and save your recording as "dvd2onefull".
-wait for dvd2one to finish transcodeing, when its done click ok and close it up.

setting up nero
to set up nero start a new recording session with ghostmouse, and follow the same basic
steps to creating a dvd, in other words do what you would do normaly to burn a dvd-movie
while recording it with ghostmouse.
- after you are happy with your ghostmouse recording of nero setup, save it as "nero".

After you have your two recorded ghostmouse files, close ghost mouse.
- open up dvd2one Click!
- under the settings area on the first textbox goes the path for the
fulldvd2one.gms file you created with ghostmouse, you can brows by
selecting the button to the right of the txtbox.
- In the second box goes the nero.gms file for nero, so brows to that and select it.
- in the "source dvd rom letter" box input your ******/rw where the movie you are going to rip is.
just the letter.
- and finaly in the "dvd2one destination letter" box choose where dvd2one will put the finished files
for example if you have a secondary drive with the letter d: then just input d
this is important because the way dvd2one Click! checks to see if dvd2one is done is by
comparing the free drive space every 1 minute.

-after everything is configerd you may click on the "close settings" button

-once your movie your dvd reading drive and your blank dvd is in your writer drive,
click "Full Disk" a pop up will appear asking you if your settings are correct,
if they are click yes and dvd2one Click! will start up dvd decrypter.

-after decrypter finishes copying the files to your HD, dvd2one click will minimize itself
for 2 or 3 minutes and ghostmouse should pop up and start dvd2one
-then after dvd2one, dvd2one Click! will minimize itself again and ghostmouse will
open up nero for burrning. and thats it!

dvd2one Click! is designed to work while you are away from your computer and are not downloading anything
to your dvd2one"destination" drive.

if anything get in the way of ghostmouse rutien then it will affect the outcome.

this program works best while your visiting your motherinlaw, out buying groceries, sleeping, or picking up your
girlfriend/wife from work. so if you run it then start surfing the net and ghostmouse kicks in it will interupt
the progress and screw your one click backup prossess and you will have to start again.

i think thats it for now, please give me feedback at [email][/email] so i can work on getting a better
version out.

The next version of dvd2one Click!
- will save its settings onto the regestry so their will be no need
to input them everytime it starts up.
- "Movie only" function will work.

dragula96 Apr 26, 2004 01:59 PM

dvd2one click beta is ready for testing you can download it here: ***********
hope you guys like it, have fun.

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