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3DO_DUDEO Jan 01, 2009 07:29 PM

No compatible direct 3D device? and wheres my DX8!?
heya, im new here. and this seems like a helpful and reliable place. anyway, here's my problem, if you can help:

I had a virus recently that i couldn't COMPLETELY remove on my own, so i had to run the restore disc. aparently, direct 3D didn't re-install. i found this when i was playing with my screen savers and wanted to use a 3D one (ie: the maze) This Driver also aparently affects my Nintendo 64 emulation and won't let me use it. also, my computer took a downgrade from DX8 to 7, and i'd like to know where to get that back without having to replace the card

suermzep73 Nov 09, 2009 11:17 AM

No compatible direct 3D device and wheres my DX8
I recently formatted my Mecer laptop and now I can figue out what audio device it used. Please help.

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