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whytey Dec 05, 2003 04:25 AM

Are Datasafe DVDR made by Ritek? OK for Xbox?
Hi folks, quite new to DVDR media subject, so some guidance would be appreciated.

Just bought a load of backups to play on my xbox and was told that riteks are the best for using with xbox. The trader assured me that he would use ritek media.

The disks arrived on Datasafe x2 DVD-R (silver and white top). Cos I don't know much about them and they don't say ritek on the front of them, can someone tell me if they are riteks, or should I have a gripe? :confused:

Also, if anyone has experience with the xbox, will Datasafe's work well?


p8ntballer Dec 05, 2003 01:10 PM

Xbox's are pretty lenient on dvd media. I have a ton of backups on the white-top princos that were popular a while back and they still work fine. It's not a real high quality media but never had much trouble playing them.

jesterrace777 Dec 05, 2003 02:58 PM

That's not true. It all depends on your individual DVD Drive and which of the 3 XBOX DVD Drives that you have. Philips and Thomson drives are known (in general) to be kind of picky about media, while the Samsung DVD Drive is reputed to read just about any piece of junk you throw at it (not to mention CD-Rs). Datasafe Riteks are supposed to be decent but I wouldn't touch thier Bulqpaq/Datawrite cousins with a 10 foot pole. The only way to tell is to try them out (since you already have them). Riteks are the best but I personally prefer Unbranded Ritek/Ridata over the Datasafe labels since they come straight from the factory. Traxdata are also an excellent choice.

nimbles Dec 07, 2003 06:21 AM

I have to say i just bought a stack of datasafe ritek media, and they have been excellent- i was a little aprehensive about buying from the datsafe/datawrite/bulpaq brand but after a couple of views on here and on a couple of dvd poll tests, I went for it (also due to the fact that most other ritek 4x brands in the uk are either out of stock or significantly (10-20%) more expensive.

In the past i have used the datawrite riteks (think they were overprints probably), fws (which started of well but started to get a few power calibration erros as i got near the ned of the media), and the traxdata g04's which are always good but slightlt more expensive at the moment

getting back to your xbox question- as you can see from the brands i've used i only use ritek g04- have always burned at 4x and have not yet had one that didn't boot, and more to the point didn't boot signifcantly faster than a couple of back ups i bought of bst that were various brands of the princo 4x dye, before my pre burner days

if they are white witha silver band running through the middle then they should be ritek-

there is a program called dvdidentifier that lazza has kindly given a link to in the sticky at the top- if you download and install that you can allay your fears by sticking the disc in the dvdrom-drive and running that program- you are looking for the dye label ritek g03 if they are 1x-2x and ritek g04 if they are 4x media

whytey Dec 08, 2003 03:50 AM

Cheers guys, much appreciated!!

My xbox plays cdr divx movies (I have it exploited) so I guess I've got a Samsung drive ;)


jesterrace777 Dec 10, 2003 01:10 PM

There is one way to tell for sure. Eject the DVD tray and compare it with the following pic:


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