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crazyguy Mar 09, 2002 07:34 PM

What's the difference beteen VCD and SVCD?
I just downloaded an MPG file and was planing on burning it to a VCD to play in my DVD player, but before I do, I was just wondering what the differences were between VCD and SVCD. Is SVCD a better picture quality or something? Thanks for any info

chevyman Mar 09, 2002 08:32 PM

svcd has better quality picture and sound

Video_Arcade Mar 09, 2002 09:41 PM

World War 3 again :D

If you have downloaded it, probaly not a lot of point in coding it to SVCD but that depends on what it is and what the MPEG quality is like already.

Personal view is that if you can produce high quality VCD then SVCD is a waste of time. Not many people can produce high quality so they plump for SVCD. People say it looks sharper and cleaner, but being honest if your sitting 5 feet or whatever back, I dont think you can tell.

A bad VCD you can tell a mile off because if it`s a night scene or somethings black, then you will see different shades of black and some grey in the scene rather than a perfect black. Also with some of the action scenes you will see blocks around the characters etc.

N30Fr33z3 Mar 10, 2002 12:48 AM

You are probably better off going the SVCD way. Creating a "high quality" VCD is hard to do. Using the default VCD templates doesn't do the job. Let alone knowing what settings to use. Just my thoughts.

celtic_druid Mar 10, 2002 01:01 AM

If you download an mpg and it is VCD complient then you burn it as a VCD.. There is no point rencoding it, as it will only make it look worse.

bayag Mar 10, 2002 05:35 AM

I agree with the last post.

If u ahve downloaded a VCD compliant file, just encode it to VCD.. You wont gain a lot if not at all in terms of quality re encoding it to SVCD.

If your source was DVD or DIVX file then you will be better off encoding to SVCD. Remember, SVCD has higher resolution and better quality than VCD. VCD will never be better or even as good as SVCD.

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