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Stevie boy Apr 08, 2004 06:38 AM

Need help with new set up please. [Me; AMD & ASRock; winME]
I've just bought the components to assemble a computer. I've not done this before and would like a bit of help Please.
ASRock K7VT2 mobo
AMD Athlon 2200+
Hard drive & memory.
Looking in the mobo manual,I can't seem to see if I need to set any jumpers. There is a jumper to set the FSB, I have a choice between 100MHz and 133 MHz, which one should I choose?
Also the jumper on the new hard drive is set to CS. Do I need to change that to master or leave it as it is? I'll also have a Cd rom drive and a DVD burner in there.
I'm not in a great hurry with this, so other comments or helpful tips will be much appreciated.

Ps, I need to go get some new memory, it won't work with the stuff I bought, but it works with an old dimm.

Insomniac Apr 08, 2004 07:19 AM

CS is for cable select. Don't use it.

Instead, use Master and Slave hierarchy.

Personally, I'd have the drive/s on one controller, and the optical devices on the other.

With the CPU, it has a FSB of 266, so you should set the jumper to 133 as it's double pumped.

Stevie boy Apr 08, 2004 10:55 AM

Thanks for that, your knowledge is always appreciated.
So, HDD on IDE1 on it's own as master, and the other drive(s) on IDE2 as master (and slave)?
Also, if I can pin this wee bit on the end, do I need to do the Fdisk thing with the new hard drive?

Insomniac Apr 08, 2004 12:05 PM

HDD on ID1 as Master and others on ID2 is fine.

Just make sure that they are set up and enabled accordingly in the bios also.

As far as Fdisk, if you are going to be using ME, then yes you should FDISK.

If you are using XP you don't have to as that is an option during the install process.

Obviously, this doesn't apply to multi-boot systems.

Stevie boy Apr 11, 2004 11:31 AM

This is where it gets tricky for me. When I got to the DOS prompt and type fdisk, it then says to me; No fixed disks present. Anybody got any ideas?
I've also seen these messages, although I can't remember when. CDR101 not ready reading drive d. And abort, retry, fail.
Ring any bells with anyone?

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