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jimmy6280 Nov 30, 2009 08:03 PM

Rip DVD movies to VCD Video with Leawo DVD Ripper?
This article will teach you how to [b][url=***********]convert DVD to VCD[/b] video in an easy and fast way, so that you can burn your DVD videos to CDs and enjoy them on your VCD player. A powerful solution is provided by Leawo Software. Its professional in converting [b][url=***********]DVD to VCD[/b] can help you convert DVD to VCD and SVCD video without long waiting and bring along some useful video editing features for extensive needs.
First of all, open your DVD in the [b][url=***********]DVD to VCD Converter[/b] program.If the DVD disc is read correctly, you should see a tree list of titles and chapters representing segments of the DVD movie.
Next, choose the desired chapters you want to convert. You can watch the chapters by double clicking them to play in the preview window just to make sure they are the right ones. Then what you have to do is simply apply a VCD output profile to them. Roll down the list in Subtitle, Audio and Angle and make your selections. They are primarily set to default and you could make a change in order to display another subtitle and play another soundtrack in the output video.
There are three levels of video and audio quality, which would directly affect the output quality. Medium quality is the default, but you can switch to high or low so as to balance the output quality and the file size.
Now you have come to the final step. One click on the Convert button and the conversion begins. Then you can get a picture of how long you have to wait by the estimated time shown in the conversion panel.
User's additional gains from Leawo DVD Ripper.
A pretty well-organized interface makes the user feel comfortable and clear of what he is doing. Basic settings are set to optimized default that simplifies the steps before conversion, while advanced settings are sensibly displayed for extensive needs.
2. It is very convenient to convert many files with batch mode. Users can also assign different settings to each file of the batch if they want. They can just select the option of shutting down computer after conversion and leave the program running until all the tasks are finished.
3. Leawo DVD Ripper is also a handy video editor, providing video editing features such as millisecond trim, screen crop, etc. Users can either input parameters or directly operate on the preview window to get the intuitive and accurate customization.
4. Leawo DVD Ripper is also a video capture program. It allows users to make a thumbnail when they play the video in the preview window.
5. Utilizing multiple-core CPU and hardware acceleration increase the conversion speed. The higher performance of your CPU and graphic card, the shorter the conversion duration.
For more information, visit Leawo [url=***********]DVD Ripper on Leawo's website.
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