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detroit Jun 10, 2002 08:23 AM

Refresh Rate set to high....... [; ; winNT4]
I have a computer that had its refresh rate set to 120hertz way over what the monitor can handle. Now dont get any picture... Is there any way of getting this back? I tried last know good but no luck...

Thanks Detroit...................

SonicBoom Jun 10, 2002 08:47 AM

What monitor do you have?


detroit Jun 10, 2002 09:45 AM

Sampo gl 19"

wolfy Jun 10, 2002 09:57 AM

Have you tried starting in safe mode?
I believe you can adjust the refesh rate from there.

gooner Jun 10, 2002 10:08 AM

Wolfy is right, when it starts up you should be able to put it into VGA mode being NT4

gooner Jun 10, 2002 10:10 AM

Bring it down to about 80-90hz, that should be enough

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