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covisgod Apr 25, 2002 05:17 AM

**Please Read*-*Too Slow ?**
Hiya Everyone,

Please can you help me with a couple of questions, don't laugh if I say something stupid cuz I'm pretty new to the whole VCD thing.

1) Is my computer too slow to download movies ?, it downloads at approx 3.1kb/sec How long would it take me to download a movie ?.

2) Can you E-Mail movies ?, if so is anyone willing to do it ?.

3) When watching VCD's the film looses time (the sound dosen't match up with the picture). Why does it do this ?, it sure ruins films like Resident Evil !.

I thinks that's about it,

any help would be much appreciated



covisgod Apr 25, 2002 08:21 AM

Can No1 Help ??????

aaronjon Apr 25, 2002 09:40 AM

1: it`s not your computer speed it`s your slow internet connection.
a 90min. movie over 56k modem about 150 hours.
2: not large files as above. but you can send small video files encoded specially for internet transfer.
3:this could be due to a number of reasons, ie. poor encoding, poor player or software, poor media used.

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