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Sting4life_MB Jul 01, 2002 10:46 PM

Help! Could this be a virus [IBM Aptiva; ; win95b]
Ok heres the symptomps. Just now while using Netscape (and Kazaa Lite), Netscape all of a sudden changed font size. Then the broswe buttons (back forward reload home search etc..) all lost their little icon. Then when I right clicked a link to open in a new window, it said "Cannot Create Empty" - whatever that means. Then I went back to Kazaa and its font size/type was changed too. And on drop down menus (both Kazaa and Netscape), the down arrow was replaced by a 6! I have 96 mb of ram so running those two simultaneously shouldnt cause any problems and I have 1.04 GB of a 1.96 GB hard drive free, so disk space is there. I defragmented and scandisked 7 days ago. Im just trying here to answer further questions. If you can help me out here, please do so. If u think its a virus, please let me know how to clean it up.

uk_trader Jul 03, 2002 05:23 AM

You wanna get ad aware or something similar to scan for spyware. Kazza contains spyware and the symptoms you give sound like spyware.
You can get ad aware from its free.

Sting4life_MB Jul 03, 2002 10:39 AM

Ive already done that, and removed tons of spyware. Afterwards, I got this problem.

By the way, this problem was happening before I download Kazaa too.

Sting4life_MB Jul 05, 2002 08:29 AM

Screw it, I dont need help. Sometime I dont even know why I post questions.

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