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Matrix_581 Nov 09, 2003 02:32 PM

hard disk problems (motherboard related?)

I bought a 120gig hard drive for my dads pc, Installed it as primary master, it crashed the system when detecting the hard drive, So i thought the motherboard might not support hdds that large, so i flashed the bios, (***********, great it boots now, so i put the windows 2k disc in, and start the install process.

I set a 10 gig partion for windows, and leave the other 110 unpartioned, I get in to windows and start the formating of the 110 d drive, takes about 30-40 minutes and says "windows cannot format this drive" so okay fine, i go in to dos, format d:, but it says the drive is only 40gig.

Now this is most confusing, Fdisk is saying 106% space is free on the drive?

Any idea what the hell is going on?

Harry O Nov 09, 2003 03:28 PM

That's a fairly old board. It may be that even with the BIOS flash that it won't recognize anything beyond a certain size limitation. You might try splitting the drive up into smaller chunks. Try BootIt NG ***********

FDISK isn't going to work for you because it can't recognize beyond 32GB

Matrix_581 Nov 09, 2003 04:32 PM

Well i rebooted after formating in dos, and now windows sees the rest of the 100gig, very strange.

Seems fine...?

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