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bencaban01 Mar 07, 2010 10:19 PM

3G iPhone Ringtone Maker-convert MP3,WMA,AAC,WAV,OGG,M4A,RAM,AC3,etc. to M4R
3G iPhone Ringtone Maker-convert MP3,WMA,AAC,WAV,OGG,M4A,RAM,AC3,etc. to M4R

As an iPhone user, have you imagined to make your own iPhone ringtone without paying Apple $1 for a song and then $1 extra to make it a 40 second iPhone ringtone? Okay, here I will share with you the following methods to create *** *** by ourselves.


[b]Method 1[/b]: DIY iPhone ringtones by using iTunes

As we know, iPhone ringtones are usually m4r tracks with 40 seconds or less in during. The following tutorial takes Windows PC for example, but it can also go the same way well for Mac users on Mac.

Step 1: Go to iTunes - "Preferences", then set AAC as the import encoder and ensure the BitRate is 128kbps.

Step 2: Select the song or video you want to make into a ringtone in your library. Right click on the song and press "Get info". Then tab the "Option" to set the duration to a maximum of 40 seconds.

[b]Notice:[/b] The song and video must be unprotected m4p or m4v. Otherwise, you have to strip DRM license via [b]DRM removal software[/b].

Step 3: Right click on that song and click "Create AAC version" to start conversion. And an AAC copy of that song trimmed to the duration which you previously set.

After that, right click on that track and select the "Show in Folder" and drag it onto the desktop. (Remove that track from iTunes library: right click - Delete). Then rename it from "Track name .m4a" to "Track name.m4r".? Just click "Use.m4r".

Step 4: Double click on the new .m4r file to add into iTunes as a ringtone which can be synced to your iPhone. Then you can trash the .m4r file on your desktop.

[b]Method 2[/b]: an all-in-one way to create and manage ringtones for iPhone

Now, there is a third party on the market which can convert any song/video to m4r so that you can easily and freely make your own ringtones by a simple way.

Ready? Free download and install this kind of program, like [b]Moyea Video Converter[/b] which is designed for Windows.

Step 1: Add the file into this program

Step 2: Set the output format as m4r


Step 4: Select the destination folder

Step 5: Convert

Tips: [b]Moyea Video Converter[b] also offers the function to trim or crop video as you like, therefore it is easy to get the 40 seconds for the ringtone.

And for Mac-based users, you just need another program designed for Mac called [b]Moyea Video Converter for Mac[/b].


cherry6070 Mar 28, 2010 03:44 AM

Guys!!! I found a very simple program, which can convert a lot of video formats to flash formats. Easy settings and nice interface... I've just enjoyed it. I use Moyea Video Converter. I like it.


cookiewang Jan 09, 2012 10:47 PM

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