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pwagismyname Aug 15, 2007 03:03 PM

How Do I Certain Stuff Back To My Xbox
O.K so heres the deal I have all my xbox modded and i have my Flash FXP and my All in One editor but I dont know how to save the Halo 2 mods. Resign the maps or how to FTP my files back to my xbox. Now also i want to install a Linux on my Xbox but I do not know how to do that either. And finally how do i get Xbox media Center on to my xbox if you are willing to help with my halo 2 modding please post a reply but for XBMC or LINUX I will give you my MYSPACE or i will give you my AIM screen name please reply as soon as possible!

Thank you,


P.S: My myspace link is " [url][/url] "
and my screenname for AIM is " Pwagismyname "

P.P.S: Please do not send any links unless they are very helpful

MrNeighbors Apr 11, 2008 11:24 AM

Just instlal xXBMC as an app. go on to your xbox under FTP and send your folder of XBMC ( I suggest the MC360 skin) Then it will be an app.

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