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gregoriev Aug 15, 2004 06:07 PM

A rumor i have heard
okay, well. We all know that you can't log onto xbox live using a modded xbox that is still using the chip. hence the creation of stealth mode and the usage of an actual game you bought. well then bill gates got smart and decided to start checking and banning people who have a hard drive that is larger or formatted differently from the xbonx standard. or so i have heard in regards to the latter....

i have a modded xbox with a large 120GB hard drive in it. now i know that xbox live uses regular computer servers running microsoft's special proxy/xbox live server software. i was wondering if a similar software had been made/hacked and was loose on the net.

either to create a personal xbox live with your xbox, your computer, and your modded friends scattered around the US, or to get into xbox live itself and soft of trick it out into thinking your computer is one of it's own proxies/live servers.

does anthing like this exist in any regard??? i know you can trick out yahoo mail to forward email to you with STMP software you can download and not have to pay for their service. i just was wondering if a similar concept had been thought of or even is in development.

anyone have some info on this??

Brandono Aug 18, 2004 11:54 AM

They DO NOT check harddrive sizes. I have a 120gb and play pgr2 online all the time. Can't answer your question though.

gregoriev Aug 22, 2004 07:08 PM

What a relief! good thing that rumor is totally wrong.

but what about the proxy server stuff?

i know it would be very hard to get onto the real xbox live, but how hard would it be to set up a personal xbox live for yourself and a few friends that know your server name?

obviously we would need an app inside the xbox that can take care of that, maybe even inside evox itself. and of course either yourself or your friend would have to be running the xbox game server program on a GOOD computer. something has to act as a server after all, and some weak little xbox wont be able to handle a game server application.

so i digress, does software like that exist or not? if it doesn't, where can i post my idea so that some people who know what they are doing can create an internet gaming sollution like this for modded xboxs?

A03 Aug 22, 2004 09:24 PM

It's Fine..Long as the chip is shut down B4 going online it will work..
I have a Bud who goes online all the time although he's machine is modded..

gregoriev Aug 23, 2004 01:10 PM

okay...that is good to know, but it's not exactly what i want to know.

i just wanna know about xbox server software and if it even exists in some form that would make it usable for the average home computer user.

they created multi theft city from the ground up, and it's a *****en cool multiplayer version of vice city. i was hoping there was some kind of program nearly like that in that it would create a virtual xbox live for you and some people on the internet using your high powered computer to run the game environment etc.

come on now, don't dodge the question, just tell it to me strait. and if it does not exist, where can i post this awsome idea so that people who actually know how to program for xbox can get a hold of it and possibly work on it?

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