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btgrabowski Feb 15, 2002 11:48 PM

install problems with HP9600se [IBM; MPro 6868 6bu; win2KPro]
I'm trying to install an HP9600se on a recently-acquired IBM MPro, W2K SP2, dual 933MHz processors. I've used it successfully for over a year on a ThinkPad 1720 under Win98 with an Adaptec slim scsi 1480 card. I was using the original HP software: DirectCd, MyCD, SimpleBackup.

Additional configuration details on the MPro: scsi hard drive on an Adaptec 29160LP; Adaptec AHA2940au (for the cd-writer and HP scanner). (The HP 6350c scanner works fine; it scans, copies, etc. The scanner is at the end of the chain.)

I followed the HP installation instructions: install software (listed above) first, then attach the cd-writer. The HP software seemed to have installed ok. Device Manager shows the original cd (LITEON cd-rom LTN485s) and the HP9600se. I can read/install software from both cd's. I know the cd-writer can burn cd's on this pc; I've done images with Norton Ghost.

The problem is that MyCD hangs. I'm trying to create a music cd from other music cd's. Specifically, what happens is that I insert the music cd, select/add tracks, select next cd, the cd-writer spins for about a minute or so, then everything stops. The progress indicator stops moving; task manager indicates that MyCD is not responding; it's not using any cpu resources; I can't eject the music cd. I can end the program, but have to restart to eject the cd. The cd-writer is only reading/copying tracks to the hard drive at this point. It's nowhere near trying to write.

I installed new versions of the HP software: DLA3.1, RecordNow3.5, SimpleBackup4.2 with the same results. I found an HP article on a known problem with CDDB options, but that didn't solve the problem.

I've tried HP e-mail support without any success so far; they thought the program stopped in writing. I had a problem earlier with Microsoft's Media Player (error code 31; conflict described in one of their articles); that's uninstalled.

I've read the threads on this forum dealing with HP (and other) cd-writers and associated software. I've read the complaints about HP software. My goal is to make this cd-writer work. Before I try other software, I'd like to make sure there's no hardware problem. Like I said, I can read/install from the 9600se. I can burn images on it under DOS with Norton Ghost. Device Manager reports everything's ok.

I'm not sure where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated. I'd be happy to provide additional hardware/software details as needed. Thanks in advance.

Hoss Feb 17, 2002 02:11 AM

Well yes first off MyCD is very weak, and you have nothing to lose by trying a trial of another. However my first guess would be that AIN is at fault. What happens is that when a CD is inserted more then one program tries to take control of it, hence the lockup. I'm not that familiar with Win2k but disabling Autoplay & AIN would be my first step.
Find some info here

In the end I think you will come to the conclusion you need another burnware though, give a couple a try, as long as you don't install multiple packet writing apps you will have no conflicts. I must have 4 or 5 apps installed right now.


btgrabowski Feb 18, 2002 01:45 PM


Thanks for the response. I will still investigate other software. In the meantime, though, I uninstalled all the HP cd-related software and removed the cd-writer. I re-installed just the original MyCD 2. I added back the cd-writer. For the moment, I can burn music cd's.

I'll check MyCD with data. Assuming that works, I'll do a Ghost Image and then try other cd-writing software.

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