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xiontex Nov 02, 2002 12:42 AM

If somebody would do me this favor Thanks
Hi everybody.

I am planning on buying a dvd player to play my svcd's. What i would want would be a picture of an svcd playing on their player or even better a short 10 sec clip of the movie playing. I wanna see how good the quality would be on the tv.

Anything would be apprechiated

celtic_druid Nov 02, 2002 01:24 AM

I'm sure most stores would let you take an SVCD in there and test it out.

xiontex Nov 02, 2002 01:29 AM

yes but still,

anything would help toward this

chevyman Nov 02, 2002 01:48 AM

i had a general electric dvd player and it worked great for playing those

xiontex Nov 02, 2002 02:06 AM

a pic would be nice or a short clip

celtic_druid Nov 02, 2002 02:33 AM

You would be far better off just going into a shop and testing it out. It will give you a much better idea than say a low res/bitrate WMV capture of someone standing on their couch with a cam filming their TV.

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