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neverMindNames Nov 17, 2003 04:38 AM

This is how to install CogSwapLoader...bye bye swap magic 2/3
As far as i can tell, swap magic 2 or 3 cannot do anything cogswaploader and cdloader cannot do. However, you still need a way to boot this cdr, but only 1 time.

I would like to add, if you got a TITLE.DB then you dont have to go through getting nport and extracting hte right .npo, just add your title id to TITLE.DB. So in other words, after getting a TITLE.DB, this would take like 45 seconds to image up.

This is how to install CogSwapLoader to your mc (very easy). Requires a orginal ps1 game.

1st_ download the cd install files (if you dont have naplink/nport/etc... already working) from here [url]********[/url] and extract all those files to a directory somewhere, for sake of this lets call the directory where you extracted these files "EXPLOIT"

2nd_ after you extracted the files from above into a directory, a directory named "FILES" will exist. Now in that directory (FILES) delete all the files and put the BOOT.ELF (from the 3rd_ step in that directory)

3rd_ download cogswaploader from [url]***********[/url] and extract out of the .bin/cue the BOOT.ELF to the "FILES" directory. Make sure the file is in all UPPERCASE.

(the 4th_, 5th_, 6th_, and 7th_ steps are listed on [url][/url])

4th_ download the simple titleman.exe from [url]***********[/url] (link named Win32 Binary). Also from the same page download your version of your saved .npo. the possible ones are North America (NTSC-J), Europe (PAL), Japan/Asia. Also download nPort from [url]********[/url]

5th_ now extract nPort to a dir and put your BxDATA-SYSTEM.npo into the "SAVES" directory that it creates after extraction. now from dos run this command
npo-x x BxDATA-SYSTEM.npo
now that will create a directory named the same thing (notice that the x in BxDATA.. is the corresponding character for your version its either A or US, E for EUROPE, or I for JAPAN).

6th_ after that has extracted you will see a TITLE.DB file, take that file and put in your "EXPLOIT" directory. Also extract/copy titleman.exe to the "EXPLOIT" directory aswell.

7th_ now put in your orginal ps1 game and open up the SYSTEM.CNF and you will see something like this.. BOOT=cdrom:\SCED_018.22;1 out of that all you want is SCED_018.22 Now take that and run titleman from dos like this
titleman.exe -a SCED_018.22
NOTE: titleman.exe and your TITLE.DB must be in the same directory as each other (i think, never tried full path). Also, you can add as many title id's as you want.

8th_ now your ready to create image then burn. Your "EXPLOIT" directory should look like this.

C:\EXPLOIT\FILES\BOOT.ELF (This BOOT.ELF should be the one from CogSwapLoader)

download CD Gen v2.0 from [url]********[/url] and drag the contents of your EXPLOIT directory into cd gen (NOTE: not the EXPLOIT directory itself, just everything in it, which should be 4 files and 1 directory named "FILES" containing 1 file named BOOT.ELF)

in cdgen right click on SYSTEM.CNF and choose edit, check the fix lba and set the lba to 12231
also, i edit the lba of EXPINST.ELF to 12232

now create that image in cdgen (the image icon or from menu), burn with cdrwin at 4x.

That is it, just boot this cd with gs2/ar2/swap magic/etc... When this cd starts to boot you should see it saying its copying and then saying it went ok. After that, put in your orginal ps1 game, hit reset, and within a few seconds you should see the cogswap screen. For now on use the orginal ps1 game for booting...

At cogswap screen, press eject. put in your orginal ps1 high TOC game, wait for it to read, then use the "knife trick" method and put in your ps2 rip. For dvdr put in your orginal high TOC ps2 dvd game, wait for it to read, then use the "knife trick" method to put in your dvdr. Now press X (i think you press have to press it 2 times, sorry i dont actually own a ps2 :/).

CogSwapLoader can directly boot ps2 rips, ps2 dvdr, ps2 orignals, CDLoader, or mcloader if you have that already installed with the ps2reality kit, to boot mcloader press SQUARE, but if you dont have it installed, DONT press SQUARE obviously.

CogSwapLoader CANNOT load a swap magic 2/3 cdr. Dunno why, but it didnt work. But i hear you could boot CDLoader, then boot sm2 or 3. However, cogswaploader should be enough, if not use CDLoader. After you install cogswaploader you SHOULD NOT ever need swap magic 3 again. Nobody knows what exactly Swap Magic 2 or 3 does i guess. if you find out swap magic 2 or 3 does something "special" that using cogswaploader and cdloader CANNOT do then i guess try to use it, but for now, cogswaploader and cdloader (if you even need cdloader), is all you will ever need.

neverMindNames Nov 17, 2003 05:56 AM

ive made this alittle bit easier

first download "" from


login: cogswaploader
pass: wtfever

once logged in find the files (if you cant do this your hopeless, just click on the [url]********[/url] after logging in)

there is also the original files for the cogswaploader and the exploit installer....but you just want "" for these instructions, its 160KB (biggest file).

1. create a directory on C: named cogswap, and extract the .zip files to this directory C:\cogswap\

2. open the _titles.txt and put your game title id in it and save the file (there is 1 example in it. the title ID comes from the SYSTEM.CNF of a orginal ps1 game).

3. now just click the "_RUNTHIS.BAT" and cdgen will open, just click the IMG icon and burn the image with cdrwin at 4x. if you dont see any files in the cd compiliation in cdgen refer to the "_result.jpg" on how to setup the image. Also, you could try loading the "cogswap.ps2" file through cdgen, but if the files are not in the right directory (C:\cogswap\) you will have to rebuild it...very simple to rebuild it..very.

there is a "_result.jpg" too incase you want to know what files should be in the image and how they should be lined up as far as the lba. NOTE: TITLE.DB should be the highest LBA number. The only file that goes in the "FILES" directory is the BOOT.ELF

after that just boot this cdr which ever way you do normally (ie. ar2/gs2/swap magic/etc..)

after that put in your orginal ps1 game you took the title id from and reset the ps2, it will boot to cogswap screen.

kyle5077 Nov 17, 2003 01:42 PM

Yup, this method does work rather well (even tho i havnt read through ur posts, i foun this info at ps2ownz a lil while ago)
So far the highest toc ps1 game is twisted metal 4 pal version at 78:xx (dun remember the exact num.)
Every one! Start finding the toc's to ur old ps1 games and headover to #ps2nomod on EFnet to recorde your findings!

vcbb53 Nov 17, 2003 04:00 PM

what do u need to make this work (just memory card and way to boot) and can it be done with a sharkport, and can someone send me the files from the 2nd directions, thanks

neverMindNames Nov 17, 2003 06:20 PM

well, no its not. i cant remember but its one of these

Tekken 1
Tekken 2
Tekken 3 (this i think was like 80:xx)

i think it's tekken 3. i remember several years ago when i tried to back it up, it wouldnt write unless i overburned it with nero 3.x (maybe 4x).

actually all the tekkens are pretty big. alot of games with CDDA tracks are really big too. Bushido Blade might be pretty big too, really cant tell. But i do know that tekken 3 is really big because after i backed it up, a couple years later i had to strip out the fmv's to get it to fit on a multi game disc. Seriously, check into it. Also most demo disc's are big, but they are not common of course.

AMD Nov 17, 2003 06:21 PM

So it can boot ps2 rips (80 mins)?

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