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konga123 Jul 28, 2003 07:32 AM

PS2 Web Browser
hey all, I've finally got a hold of a PS2 Web Browser:)
(it works, and yes it's Broadband with Network Adapter...)
I've taken some photos, please excuse my terrible digital camera, lol
it has a Back/Forward buttons etc, but no address bar unfortunately, but by default it starts you at, so that's cool:)

(as I mentioned, forgive my digi cam, it's terrible lol)






- Konga123

EGM92 Jul 28, 2003 10:25 AM

Are you in the UK? is there a North American release? this would come in handy. what's the program called?



spankthemonkeys Jul 28, 2003 12:50 PM

If your in the UK you dont need any software as its part of the Network Adapter Disk, this was found out in beta.

konga123 Jul 28, 2003 05:45 PM

nope i'm not in the UK
this will work anywhere in the world as far as I know:)
it's PAL based but a simple generic patch for the color (if your NTSC TV can't play PAL, will make it work great:))

- Konga123

EGM92 Jul 28, 2003 06:32 PM

Ok cool, what's the web browser called? where did you get it? my TV is NTSC and so is my PS2 but I can always patch whatever it is with the EA method.

yesiam Jul 28, 2003 07:55 PM

If this is really true, give us a little info on where we can get it and how we can get it to work with a NSTC ps2.

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