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sweeney1987 Apr 03, 2004 05:03 AM

Help oc keeps crashing [Dell; Dimension 4100; winME]
hey peeps
my pc keeps crashing it wont run well at all
it keeps happening when i have a few things running at same time
mainly IExplorer
i have a dell with 20 gb 5200rpm hd and 128 mb ram
i have an 80 gb drive on order and i will hopefully upgrading to xp
will this solve the problem or will it be very slow on xp?

all help appreciated

hood1971 Apr 05, 2004 07:33 AM

Getting more memory would help a lot more than another hard drive, but that may not be the problem, but it would spedd things up when you use a few programs at a time.

Have you checked to see that you don't have any trojans/viruses on the pc?

If you want to upgrade to XP, do a new install rather than just an upgrade. If the pc is running slow because of software/virus problems that is a sure way to correct that. Just make sure to backup everything you will need.

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