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gram77ok Sep 20, 2005 10:29 PM

those bloody horse race discs !
right ? i have managed to find a disc with 16 horse races on and 2 dog races ...i have had this disc for about 3 years ? i knew i had it somewhere , point is they only play on the pc ? i have tried to burn them to individual cd discs to play in a dvd player (obviously vcd format ) but i keep on fooking things up ? i am using nti cd maker ....

ive either got a shyte dvd player or doing something wrong !

i would appreciate it if someone could tell me what i'm doing wrong ?

i will even let you call me a thick b'stard free of charge too !

i know its only a minor mistake i am making ....but what minor mistake i dont know .. :laugh:

soundsunlimited Sep 21, 2005 07:28 AM

hi there
ive got the vcds as well m8 we play them on either karaoke machine or asda has a pacific dvd player that plays them and its only 24 it also plays cd+g so a bargain
hope this helps m8

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