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Danger Cat Jun 23, 2008 10:15 AM

dvd drives won't rec. dvd's
Default CD-RW/DVD-RW Not Playing DVDs
I have two combo drives neither of them are reading DVDs, just CDs.

I've searched the posts here, but none have solved my problem. I did notice [URL="***********"]this topic, however, which stated something interesting:
Originally Posted by Templar
Does the drive show up ad a dvd rom in my computer? If not, you have turned off the service that reads the drive specs, and it just considers it a generic cd-rom. You will need toturn that service back on. If this is it, I will guide you to the correct service.

This seems to be my problem. Whenever I go to My Computer and click on both drives, it only says "CD Drive" below the title.

I've tried removing the drives in Device Manager and having Windows re-install the hardware, but that didn't work. Both drives used to read DVDs fine, but now neither will.
Does anyone know how to ""Turn on the service that reads the drive specs?

chandler68 Jun 28, 2008 08:39 PM

The drives could bo with testing in another computer to prove if they still do the same there or not.

I know its not usual for two drives to have the same fault at the same time, but it does happen, i know as it happened to me only three months ago.

Bothe drives would burn DVD video disks + CD discs, but wouldn't read DVD video disks.

This was proved by trying the drives in a test comp i have setup for repairs that come in.


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