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freedoor2 Apr 21, 2010 03:42 AM

How to copy DVD movie to computer (hard drive)
Have you ever tried to copy a DVD movie to your computer (hard drive)? Most of time people find that is hard to copy videos from DVDs directly, since most movies stored in a DVD is encrypted with a CSS copy protection. Here this guide will give you detailed steps on how to copy DVD movie to computer with DVD Copy software.

Materials Needed:
- Wondershare DVD Copy (This software will remove the CSS copy protection encrypted in the DVD automatically in copying process.)
- DVD-ROM (A hardware device has data that can only be read and not written)

At first, please download and install DVD Copy

Meanwhile, you can insert the DVD disc you want to copy to your computer's DVD driver.

Step1. Select source DVD

select source DVD
After you have installed and launched DVD Copy, click the "Source" drop-down list to browse your computer and locate your source DVD, if you also want to copy the DVD movie to another DVD disc, please select DVD-RW; here if you just need to copy the DVD movie to your computer, please select "DVD-ROM".

Step2. Select DVD Target

Click the "Target" drop-down list to select a target to output the selected DVD movie. Wondershare DVD Copy can bypass DVD copyright protection and copy DVD to hard disk saved as ISO image file or DVD folder.

Copy DVD to ISO: If you want to copy DVD to ISO image file for backup on computer, you can select "Image File" option, and specify a directory to save the copied DVD movie.
Copy DVD to DVD folder: If you want to copy DVD to DVD folder for backup on computer, you can select "DVD folder" option, and specify a directory to save the copied DVD movie.

Step3. Setting Disc Type and Copy Mode

Disc Type: According to your DVD disc, select the correct DVD type. You could select DVD-5 or DVD-9.
Copy Mode: Three options are available: Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode. Use Full Movie mode to copy entire DVD disc to a recordable DVD disc,
Main Movie mode: To copy main movie only, with menus, different audio streams and subtitle omitted. This copy mode can significantly reduce the final video size.
Custom Mode: You could just select the movies you are about to copy. Once you select this mode, following dialog will open. Select the movie you want to copy and click OK to confirm. As you could see, a preview window helps you select movies.

Step4. Start Copying

After all things done, click "Start" to start copying DVD movie to ISO or DVD folder.


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