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crowdaddy00 Aug 23, 2002 06:53 PM

need help with securing linux [compaq; deskpro EN 350; linux]
i have mandrake 8.0 installed and i need help on a couple of things. first being that i need to know why when i try and have iptables start up with the pc, it wont. i go into the services menu for start up and it says its stopped for iptables. i tried to start it with the start button but it wouldnt start. how do i fix that? also, can someone give me an example of how to enter things into the iptables and save it to the file so it will work? do i have to be in the console? thanks

nightheart Aug 24, 2002 08:28 AM

I don't know the answer the answer to your question, as I'm pretty new to Linux, but I'd try posting here *********** They're a lot more likely to know your answer than here. In my experiance this forum is more windoze based. Hope this helps, and Linux Questions is good forum for Linux newbies, either way.

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