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tyriq Apr 28, 2003 08:17 AM

Question for the guys who know how to do a double swap to boot DVDr with GS/AR disk
I Tried to do a double swap to boot my DVDr game.
When I inserted the AR and held the start button on the PS2,
at the AR main screen i pressed the eject button while still holding the start
button, i quickly swaped the GS with a DVDr demo disk. I normally have 4 seconds to do the swap before the tray automatically shuts.
However I did not put the demo disk in properly and the tray shut jamming the demo disk 1/2 in and 1/2 out of the tray. I pressed the eject button and
the tray would not open due to the demo disk wedging it shut.
The tray/ps2 motor made some strange whining sound (as if in pain!),
so i decided to switch off the Ps2 and back on again hoping to get the demo disk out, which when I switched back on and pressed the eject button, the demo disk was released.
However when I tried to do the double swap again and put the demo disk in the tray (properly this time!) it did not automatically shut. So I shut the tray myself and choose with codes and released the PS2 start button, upon which the tray opened with the demo disk spinning really fast. I put in the DVDR game, and hit the x button, but the game would not boot. I have tried this a number of times but without success.
I have booted DVDr games like this many times with any problems, so I'm wondering if the tray mechanism was broken when the demo disk got jammed and the tray got stuck.

Any advise on this is most welcomed or any other threads with similar problems. Is there a way to get things working again without hardware maintanance.

The ps2 was bought april 2001 (not sure the version), and an action replay 1.7 was used.

Thanks guys.

contactmat Apr 28, 2003 09:28 AM

not sure about ar1.7 but the ar2.2 is on page 3 of faq (my post)

tyriq Apr 28, 2003 09:40 AM

Question really is : have i broken the tray mech in some way,
as the tray no longer auto shuts when eject is pressed to put the demo
disk in.

gameplaya376 Apr 28, 2003 11:46 AM

i think you are either doing it wrong or there is somthing wrong with your chip

jdzworld May 03, 2003 02:59 PM

im not sure i totally understand the process u just described but ill try to help if i can. i do the double swap all the time w/o probs on my star mod. ive screwed up and got the disc stuck half-way in and out of the ps2 several times(and the ps2 made strange sounds). still no probs though even now. i have a ntsc w/ gs 1.9(which auto spins down for the 2nd swap) u need to make sure the the original demo disc works just by putting it in the ps2 like a normal game and making sure it loads. heres my process.
1) turn ps2 on, eject tray, put gs disc on tray and hold button so that the tray goes in automatically and ps2 goes into standby.
2) after some seconds, hold reset down, let gs boot up, push eject and put in an original devil may cry demo disc(Note: youre still holding reset). push eject again and let the dmc disc read for like 10 secs.
3) then goto start, w/o codes,(now the disc thats in there should automatically stop spinning if u have the right version on gs/ar....i think that the gs 1.7 does auto spin-down) now, let go of the reset button and tray will automatically come out, so put in the dvdr. this is where u have 4 secs. to do that. when the tray is automatically going in, hit x to load it up. hope this helps. if not, let me know.

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