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mjordan Feb 13, 2011 08:45 PM

iPad PDF Transfer for Mac - Transfer PDF to iPad, backup iPad PDF to Mac
[b]iPad PDF Transfer for Mac[/b] offers you the best solution to transfer eBooks in PDF/EPUB format from Mac to iPad as well as backup iPad PDF/ EPUB to Mac/iTunes. Only with iPad PDF Transfer for Mac, you are able to transfer your favorite PDF/EPUB eBooks on Mac to iPad/iPod touch/iPhone simply by dragging and dropping. This iPad PDF transfer also works with iPod touch and iPhone, thus yu can also backup PDF/EPUB eBooks in iPod touch/iPhone to Mac or iTunes and transfer these eBooks on Mac to iPod touch/iPhone.

* PDF to iPad transfer, transfer PDF from Mac to iPad without iTunes
* iPad PDF to Mac transfer, backup PDF eBooks in iPad to Mac/iTunes
* This iPad PDF transfer also supports EPUB iPad transferring
* Compatible with other Apple products: iPhone, iPod touch
* Batch tasks can be transferred simultaneously to save your time

[b]iPad PDF Transfer for Mac Key Functions[/b]

Transfer PDF/ EPUB eBooks from Mac to iPad/iPod touch/iPhone

4Media iPad PDF Transfer enables you to transfer PDF/EPUB eBooks from Mac to iPad/iPod touch/iPhone with fastest speed and good quality.

Backup PDF/ EPUB eBooks to Mac

With this PDF to iPad transfer for Mac, you can transfer PDF/EPUB eBooks in your iPad/iPod touch/iPhone to Mac as backup. iTunes is not needed anymore.

Backup PDF/ EPUB eBooks into iTunes

Compatible with latest iTunes 10, you can backup PDF/EPUB eBooks into iTunes for future use.

Compatible with a Large Range of Apple Device

A vast range of Apple devices are supported: iPad, iPod touch2, iPod touch3, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4.

Fastest Transferring Speed

This iPad PDF Transfer for Mac offers fastest transferring speed to promote the performance and efficiency.

[b]iPad PDF Transfer for Mac Key Features[/b]

Edit eBook Information

Customize PDF/EPUB eBooks by editing file name and author, rate eBooks up to 5 stars or make personal comments on them.

PDF to iPad Transfer for MacFile Searching with Filter

File filter is offered in this Mac iPad PDF transfer to search wanted files in iPad by different categories like file name, type, size or author.

Transfer iPad PDF to MacDisclose Connected Devices

Once a device is connected to 4Media iPad PDF Transfer for Mac, specific information of the devices like device name, capacity, version, serial number will be shown.

Transfer Mac PDF to iPadBatch Tasks is Supported

Batch tasks is supported, you can check multiple files and transfer them simultaneously to save time and effort.

iPad PDF Transferring for MacInterface with Multiple Languages

English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese interface languages are available in this PDF to iPad transfer for Mac.

[b]More Info:[/b][code]***********[/code]

mooree May 24, 2011 05:42 AM

After the hilarious launching of iPad, the world is talking about iPad. So are people around me. Many friends ask me one question— how to transfer PDF to iPad? They ask because they use iPad to read eBooks. However, they can’t download PDF files through Safari or transfer their local PDF files to iPad for reading. Maybe many iPad users have the same problem. So here I want to show you 2 methods to transfer PDF to iPad for eBook reading. These 2 methods also suitable for transferring PDF to the new released iPad 2.

Method 1 .Transfer PDF to iPad directly via iTunes 10

You can transfer PDF to iPad directly via iTunes 10 now within 3 steps.
1. add PDFs to your iTunes library
2. connect your iPad to your PC
3. Sync PDF to your iPad

However, there may be some questions for me: Firstly, I have to update my applications toiTunes 10 and iBooks 1.1 or later. Secondly, The PDF contents in iPad are un-reflowable. The reading experience is poor.

Method 2. Convert PDF to EPUB and sync it to iPad via iTunes
No doubt that EPUB format files have better reading experience compared to fixed PDF documents. Because it not only can adjust its text display for iPad screen in an optimized way, but also is a compatible format for iTunes and iBooks of any version.

In this approach, I just need to convert my eBooks format from PDF to EPUB by the specific PDF to EPUB Conversion Software. According to different Operating System, I can select PDF to EPUB Converter (for Windows) and PDF to EPUB for Mac. Each of the software enables you transfers your eBooks from PDF to EPUB in batches.


As my PC is Windows 7, so I choose the Windows version. Besides, the tutorial How to convert PDF to EPUB helps me a lot for the details. Of course, if you are a mac user, the guide How to convert PDF to EPUB on Mac would be more appropriate for your requirements. If you are a Windows user, the all-in-1 EPUB Builder may also helpful to you if you want to create EPUB eBooks from various formats such as PDF, Word, HTML, Text, CHM, EPUB, and Images.

Then, I can feel unlimitedly to sync my output EPUB eBooks to iPad via my iTunes. The restrictions of version of iBooks and iTunes have gone, while the great reading experience has come to me. You can also transfer PDF to iPad 2 via methods above to enjoy the great reading experience.

Note: If you need to watch DVD movie on iPad, we recommend How to convert DVD to iPad 2.

mjordan Jun 18, 2011 08:53 AM

Tanbee PDF Converter Mac - Convert PDF to HTML, image, Text, EPUB on Mac OS
[b]Tanbee PDF Converter for Mac[/b] is the 5-in-1 PDF Converter for you to convert PDF to Word, PDF to TEXT, PDF to HTML, PDF to EPUB and PDF to image on Mac OS. After the conversion, you can easily enjoy or edit the files. You can easily choose the output format that you need Txt, Word, JPEG, PNG, BMP, EPUB, HTML format.

Featured with its user-friendly and easy-to-handle interface, the PDF Converter for Mac makes you achieve any of the conversions with several clicks in few minutes. This PDF Converter is absolutely the standalone program, then you can directly use it with any assistant program like Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader and so on.

* Convert PDF file to DOC/RTF/TXT text formats.
* Convert PDF to JPEG/PNG/BMP image formats.
* Support to choose the exact page(s) that you need.
* Convert PDF Files in Batches.

[b]Tanbee PDF Converter for Mac Key Features[/b]

Fast Speed - Convert Adobe PDF document into Word, Text , Image, Epub & HTML files quickly for mac users.

High Efficiency - Support batch conversion and partial conversion. Batch conversion: import multiple PDF eBooks to the program and convert them at one time; Partial conversion: Customize the page ranges of each PDF eBooks in the panel for conversion, specify which page you want to convert PDF files.

Good PDF conversion result - Preserves the original layout of text, columns, tables, graphics, images and hyperlinks after exported from PDF to Word, Image, Text, Epub and HTML.

Intuitive interface and stand-alone programme - This PDF Converter for Mac is easy to use and has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Meanwhile it is standalone--don't require Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader or other third party software to be installed.

Easy to use - With its simple interface, Mac users can easily convert PDF to other formats as easy as 1-2-3.

[b]More Info: [/b][code]***********[/code]


mjordan Jun 18, 2011 09:05 AM

How to Edit PDF Text on Mac with PDF Editor?
AnyBizSoft PDF Editor for Mac is an efficient tool for editing PDF text on Mac OS X. This article tells you how to add, correct, insert, move, and delete PDF text with this PDF Editor for Mac.

[b]Add PDF Text[/b]
Choose "Add Text" in the toolbar, and then click on a blank area on the page, you can add text to the PDF file.

[b]Move PDF Text[/b]
Choose "Touchup Tool" in the toolbar, and click on the text you want to move, then you can drag the text block to move it to other place on the page. Press and hold Shift key and click on different text areas or images, you can select multiple elements and reposition them together.

[b]Correct, Insert, and Delete PDF Text[/b]
Click the "Touchup Tool" in the toolbar, and double click on the text, when the text is in an editable block and the cursor becomes I-beam pointer, you can correct, insert, or delete the text.

[b]Edit Embedded Font Text[/b]
If you can't edit some text in unrestricted PDF files, you may encountered the embedded fonts, in this case, you can auto-match or select an available system font for the selected text, and then edit the text.


Note: By default, the pop-up window above will be shown every time when you want to edit the embedded font text. If you want PDF Editor for Mac match a similar system font automatically for editing embedded font text each time, you can customize the settings in the General Window by choosing "PDF Editor > Preferences..." in the menu bar.


[b]Edit Text Font and Color[/b]
Select the text with Touchup Tool in the toolbar, and then: if you want to change text color, just click the "Inspector" button in the toolbar, and choose your favorite color for the text; and if you need to change text font, choose "Format > Fonts > Show Fonts" in the menu bar, then select a new font to replace the current text font.

[b]Edit Text in restricted PDF files[/b]
To the PDF files restricted from editing, you can't edit them directly if you don't know the password, even with Adobe Acrobat. Also you can't edit them directly with AnyBizSoft PDF Editor for Mac, but you can convert PDF to Word with this PDF Editor and then edit the PDF text in Microsoft Word.

[b]More Info: [/b][code]***********[/code]

mjordan Jun 19, 2011 08:19 AM

How to remove PDF password on Mac?
AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover for Mac is a small yet powerful PDF decryption tool on Mac OS X. It enables Mac users to remove copying and printing restrictions from encrypted PDF files. It's quick and easy-to-use. Batch decryption is supported.

Step 1 Import
Drag PDF files on your Mac and drop them into the panel. Or choose File-> Add PDF Files in the menu bar to add PDF files.


PDF Password Remover for Mac can decrypt PDF files with Owner Password directly without knowing the password. But if the PDF file is encrypted with User/Open Password, you need to unlock it before decryption. Otherwise descryption of the file will be skipped.

Actually even Acrobat also requires the password if you want to remove pdf password on mac from encrypted PDF files. And most PDF decryption tools on the market can't remove Open Password from PDF files even if you know the password. It's reasonable because the Open Password is set by authors to protect copyrights of their works. You can't get access to the file without permission.

If you have permission to get access to the file and want to remove the pdf password for easier reading, just click on the lock icon beside the PDF file and type correct password in the pop-up box to unlock the PDF file for decryption.


Step 2 Select an output folder
Choose PDF Password Remover-> Preferences... in the menu bar, you can select an output folder for the output files.


Step 3 Decrypt
Click Start button to decrypt the encrypted PDF files. The decryption will be finished in seconds. Then you can click on the PDF icon to open the restriction-free PDF files.


[b]More Info: [/b][code]***********[/code]

mjordan Jun 19, 2011 08:30 AM

Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Text on Mac OS X
PDF Converter for Mac is a nonsuch PDF tool to help Mac users convert PDF to Word documents(*.doc), Excel spreadsheets(*.xls), PowerPoint presentations(*.pptx), EPUB eBooks(*.epub), Text files(*.txt) and HTML pages(*.html). Mac users can choose any formats they need to convert to and all the conversion can be done within only one program.

With PDF Converter for Mac, you can:
* Print restricted PDF files
* Resize images of PDF files
* Edit PDF files in Microsoft Office
* Share PDF files on internet easily
* Change contents in any existing PDF files
* Modify typos and misspellings in PDF files
* Calculate and edit data in Microsoft Excel
* Read PDF eBooks on mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Sony reader and more
* Extract the text, images, graphics, tables and hyperlinks for reusing in other applications

[b]More Info: [/b][code]***********[/code][img]***********[/img]

[b]How to use this PDF Converter for Mac?[/b]

First download the PDF Converter for Mac and install it on your Mac.Then follow the 3 simple steps below to convert PDF files on Mac now.

Step1. Import PDF files
To import PDF files to convert, you just need to drag and drop PDF files to the panel. And also, you can choose "File -> Add PDF Files" in menu of the toolbar to add PDF files.

Step2. Choose the format to convert and customize your conversion
Click on the gear icon in the pop-up window, you can choose the output format: MS Office Word (.doc), MS Office Excel (.xls), MS Office PowerPoint (.pptx), HTML Document (.html), Electronic Publication(.epub).

Step3. Start Converting
Click "Convert" button to convert PDF files. Each PDF file will be converted as the format you choose. After conversion, you can click the format icon to open the converted file.

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