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BlackOut Aug 24, 2002 05:04 PM

Athlon, Duron, Pentium, or Celeron?
I'm planning on building a new machine and I can't decide between an Athlon, Duron, Pentium4, or Celeron. I had a Pentium2 350 in my old machine and a Celeron 600 in another and hard to believe, the P2 350 out performed the Celeron 600 in my experiences. But I've never used an AMD chip before so I was just wondering if anyone had any good experiences with one or all of them.

Gogeta #1 Aug 24, 2002 07:15 PM

try pentium4 cause i have celeron and it s\/ck and athlon my cousin said its not good never here of Duron

M_rsa Aug 25, 2002 05:27 AM

depends on how much you can afford to spend on the CPU. i have just built a system for myself and I have a duron 1.2ghz chip but that is only due to a tight budget otherwise I would have gone with the athlon xp. It also really depends on what you use your pc for , If you are a big gamer then i have heard alot of people say that the new p4 is thw way to go , Personally i like AMD over pentuim



paumcd Aug 26, 2002 02:21 AM

anything over a gHz is fine. amd is relatively cheaper. it "ALL" depends on how much you want to spend and who you want to impress. you could always get a ghetto sys, nice case (w/clown gear plexiglass, lights, and some impressive awe inspiring stickers).

if it's other people's money spend on.

AdioKIP Aug 26, 2002 06:20 PM

Ok, really you should only be thinking of an Athlon or P4, The Duron and Celeron where meant to be cheaper alternatives to these to (Duron cheaper athlon, Celeron Cheaper pentium) but as much as prices have plummeted you can get an Athlon or P4 for a descent rate. I personally prefer Athlons simply because there cheaper and every bit as fast as the P4's. The only trade off is heat, athlons generate alot more heat the Pentiums. As far as which is faster etc.. there are people who will argue either way. Either way though An Athlon or P4 is a good processor to build your computer around.

lhaney Aug 27, 2002 02:54 AM

The Athlon XP outperforms Pentium in everything that I personally do on a computer. For instance, video encoding is almost three times as fast on the athlon, also, when I unrar or rar something, it is way faster. So I will never buy a pentium ever again. They are just more popular because of the commercials, trust me on this one. Athlon isn't that expensive anyway. Stay away from duron and celeron, and go ahead and get the Athlon. You won't be disappointed.

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