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0703one Dec 06, 2002 12:53 PM

tvout not working properly..Help required [fujitsu-siemens; ; winXP]
tvout not working properly..Help required [fujitsu-siemens; ; winXP]
Can anybody help??

I have tried linking my laptop via the s-video and audio leads to my telly but i only seem to get an extended version of my monitor on the telly (ie part of the background display that i cant see on my laptop).

Ideally i would love to watch dvd's on my telly through my laptop but cant get it to work properly, i am using powerdvd/winxp. the tvout is ATI?

Can anybody please advise me how to setup through winxp so i can see whats on the monitor and the telly at the same time.

I hope the above makes sense to anyone

Thanks in advance

celtic_druid Dec 07, 2002 12:11 AM

If you go into the settings there should be a clone mode or something like that.

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