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itreyger Mar 09, 2005 12:37 PM

1st time DVD burner user
What and how should use to burn movies from internet to my my media? I just purchased dvd burner.
Thanks :)

Tom Croydon Mar 09, 2005 07:12 PM

Nero is a very good prog to burn with. Another popular one is Roxio...I've never used it but I've seen posts from forun members who like it. Did your burner come with burning software? Are the files you're trying to burn regular videos e.g. AVI's, DIVX etc. or DVD files e.g. VOB's? If they're DVD files, including IFO and BUP files, start your burning prog, tell it you want to create a DVD video, dump all the files into the prog's video_ts folder, choose burning speed and then burn. If they're not DVD files, you would just tell your prog you want to burn a DVD, dump all of your files, choose speed and burn...but if you want those files to play on a stand alone player, the player must have the capability to play them...not all of them can. If it can't, then you would at least be able to play them on your burner. Good luck.

jastone Mar 10, 2005 03:28 AM

you might want to set yourself up with an ftp program like (azureus). you will be able to download programs for converting avi and such files to dvd format, before you burn them. for files that won't play after you burn them for your dvd player. do a search for (bit torrent sites) to find out where to get these torrents for the programs your looking for. it's trial and error from there on in. :wavey: goodluck

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