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EGM92 Jul 29, 2003 04:18 AM

Konga, I have a POP3 email which is connected to an FTP problem is it's only a 10mb limit, if you can break down the files into rar's of like 4.5mb and send it to [email][/email] I will host it on my FTP as soon as I reconfigure my router to work again.



toadster123 Jul 29, 2003 09:32 AM

Konga, drop me an email... i can set up a ftp for a couple days.... but the upload speed is horrible... drop me an email

fishcake Jul 29, 2003 10:40 AM

looks like the PAL network access disc to me

spankthemonkeys Jul 29, 2003 01:59 PM

yea it does.

yesiam Jul 29, 2003 03:52 PM

Ok but what does that suppose mean. We in the U.S. dont have it yet and really anticapated to see how it works.

konga123 Jul 29, 2003 05:10 PM

yes it is a PAL one, however it's called the Central Station Internet Browser
it is designed for internet, it starts you off at, you don't need to put in an IP address, it may be pal however it does work on NTSC consoles as it mentions in the readme, it just needs to be patched for ntsc tvs if they can't play pal

- Konga123

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