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celtic_druid Nov 12, 2002 07:33 PM

Ok, there have been a few posts on this lately and I thought that it would be helpfull for everyone if we tried to keep all of them in one place.

So here ya go, please post any thing to do with A05/105 media problems here... Such as media which work, don't work, work at 2X, etc.

orson Nov 27, 2002 04:33 AM

105 1 speed only at moment
having burnt quite a few dvds on my new 105@ only 1speed although nero set @ 2speed. not to happy with time taking so ive been intouch with the not very helpfull tech. support @ pioneer who informed me they do not support the use of any 2 speed dvds ( im using bulkpaq gen4 2speed ) in this writer except pioneers own brand, so at the moment anyone looking to backup @2 speed better buy the104.
dont know how long its gonna be before the 4speed medias available,
when this burner comes into its own..... until then looks like i gotta use my new 4speed @ 1..........
prog. used is latest nero, firmware in pioneer 105 is 1.0 (only one you can get).
hope others are getting better fun out of this burner than me.....
if anyone knows of media that writes @ 2 speed l.m.k. plzzz.....

orson Nov 27, 2002 12:06 PM

micro direct , still got em i think 217 inc delivery.
cant write at more than 1 speed, bit **** ...........
dont look as if many peeps gotem to try diff. media.

Birdy1 Nov 27, 2002 03:26 PM

Think we need a thread where we can all post what media will burn on the AO5 at 2x - Cant contribute yet as mine from SVP hasnt bl00dy arrived yet!

vertigo235 Nov 27, 2002 05:36 PM

Man I just ordered an A05 too :( I hope this is firmware fixable (and that they will fix it)

GTIR Nov 27, 2002 05:56 PM

My 105 is comeing in the morning hiopeing its better than the 104


its only 197 inc p+p

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