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deacon Sep 26, 2007 01:55 PM

USB device recognition issue
I am running XP pro Sp2 on an HP dv5000 laptop. My computer has 1 USB port adjacent to the DVD drive (right side of computer).. and 2 USB on the left side next to expansion port, etc.

When I plug a device (example: mp3 player) into the USB port on the right side of the computer, everything works as it should and the computer recognizes it and things run smoothly. When the same device is plugged into either of the other two USB ports, the computer acts like nothing has happened and the device as well does not respond to being plugged in to these ports as it does the one that 'works'.

I have disabled the power management check on all of the root usb hubs and have booted in safe mode, uninstalled the root hubs, reinstalled the usb.inf file, and restarted comp to still observe no change. Clicking "update driver" has said that I have the latest-and-greatest for each USB port.

If anyone could help point me in a direction or help me understand the discrepancy between these apparently identical USB root hubs I would be forever grateful. I currently have a "USB mass storage device".. basically just a USB splitter that is plugged into my one working USB port... still, this should not be completely necessary and I don't see why the other two shouldnt be 'working'.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again


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