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Where Did I Go? Aug 05, 2002 09:28 AM

Pipex News Server
Hi all,

I am trying to download some Movies from the net. I have been told that News Servers are good to use.

I have just got [b]Agent[/b], as my News Reader.

Now, when I started the programs, and entered teh news server address, all the messages seem to appear in German. How can I get it to display in English?

Also, please can someone explain how this News Server sharing, works, and how to go about sharring files.

Finally, does anyone know of any FTP's where Movies are available?

Thanks in Advance.

celtic_druid Aug 05, 2002 10:01 AM

You can't request ftp's here. This is a help board and not a request board. If Agent is running in German then you should be able to select English somewhere in the options/preferences.

Basically the idea is that you post something to your local server and then other servers from around the world pickup that message so that in theory all servers are carrying the same posts. However not all servers carry all groups and some may not pickup all messages completely or carry them for long.

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