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lalacrown Sep 01, 2011 10:14 PM

Bosom expectation
[url=***********]Brothers and Sisters DVDprovides many hours of entertainment as you learn the inner workings of a tightly-knit somewhat dysfunctional family. [url=***********]Smallville DVDThe first few episodes, i was hooked, and still am. A great show for me has a realistic storyline I can relate to and at the same time is enticing to watch. This show initially reminded me of the Cosbys, don't think there's been one to match it since then. Who doesn't love and hate their family at the same time. I figured this was a show about an average family, with everyday issues and they got through it together.[url=***********]The Big Bang Theory DVD Wrong. Overrated things happened one after the other...father dies, mistress appears, with daughter in tow, company is bankrupt, then finds 30 million dollar property, divorce, and so on.[url=***********]Glee DVD not a regular family, individual issues yes, but collectively one family, all these issues - no wonder tears were overdone. The touch of great drama is knowing characters love each other without having to say it. I think it is said in every episode... good try though, especially with all the reality junk on TV these days. Brilliant actors, just wish the storylines did not try so hard, they just missed the mark and made it too mushy...will keep watching, here's hoping[url=***********]CSI Miami DVD

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