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nidgew May 12, 2005 04:29 AM

iso problems
[COLOR=Blue]ISO problems[/COLOR]i have just downloaded a game of a file sharing programme and want to burn it to cd/dvd
the game is on 2 disks and comes compressed i have extracted the files to my desktop ie bin cue for both discs and used nero version 6 to create an iso of both
my question is when i replace the cd in the rom drive and i double click on the image it takes me straight back to nero again. i have tried to finfd a programme to open this type of file but to no avail .
i thought that iso opened automatically im sure i have done this before but for some reason i cant open the damm thing can you advise
this game i have spent 2 days downloading 9 star wars republic command and am desperate to play it )

can any one help


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