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bjcox Mar 06, 2012 07:02 PM

can my original photos be accessed?
I have a Memorex cd-r that I had filled about 75% with saved photos. I saw that I had enough space to copy more photos onto it. I copied other photos to it, and now all I see are the last copied photos in a file with the name I copied them from on my harddrive. The cd-r "properties" show the cd-r is full - it contains 701 mb of info. The last photos I copied to it were only 56.3 mb. I can't read all the original photos I had copied to that cd-r. The title of it in my D: drive is Photos2010 (the original title). The only file says geocaching2010 and it contains the last copied photos. Can I still access my original photos somehow?

I truly appreciate any tips someone may have.

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