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Sam0r Sep 26, 2007 06:51 PM

PS2 V7/8 and Duo 3 Ultra problem
Last night I finished installing a Duo 3 Ultra into my V7/8 PS2, first time booting a backup and it worked perfectly.

But, the problem arises when I reset the console. If I reset the console, the chip seems to deactivate, and won't boot backups anymore unless I switch it off at the back for about 5 minutes, then it'll work again.

Tonight I decided to take it apart and make sure everything was soldered correctly. Oops.. I'd soldered the RST (I'm assumng that means Reset?) to the wrong point. So, I soldered it to the correct point (Next to the brown IC type component) and powered it up.

Perfect, worked first time. Then I reset it, and it worked again, then again. But after the third time, it stops working! I have to switch it off at the back again for 5 minutes for it to work again.

I'm very very sure its not a bad connection as I've checked, double checked, triple checked, and (whatever comes after triple) checked the connections.

Anyone? This is the third forum I've asked for help on!

Thanks :)

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